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  • Ford and Rivian have upped the car feauture game with their trucks
  • Android Auto and Apple Carplay are the best thing to happen to screens since screens
  • We’ll be forever grateful to new cars with a manual transmission

Nowadays, new cars get more right than they do wrong. It’s easy to forget just how good cars of the modern era are. Remember the Ford Pinto? Yeah. In light of that, we compiled a list of the best car trends every living soul in the industry needs to be following.

A display showing one of the best car trends in recent memory: Apple Carplay and Android Auto
Apple Carplay and Android Auto are the best things to happen to infotainment | Smith Collection via Getty Images

Infotainment doesn’t get better than Android Auto and Apple Carplay

Our list of the best car trends starts strong with the best thing to happen to infotainment since the screen. Applications like Apple Carplay and Android Auto simply can’t be beaten from a user-experience standpoint. No other in-car system is as universal, or as appreciated, as Apple Carplay and its Android Auto cousin.

The best car interiors of 2021 are focusing on occupants over design

The Ford Bronco has one of the best interiors out there, pictured with tan leather.
Well-thought interiors are one of our favorite car trends | Ford

Now, our next best car trend might be a little broad. However, we thought it worth mentioning regardless. The new and interesting features packed into EVs have forced conventional cars to up their game. Rides like the Ford Bronco now have incredible features like Bluetooth speakers, MOLLE harness straps, and in the case of Rivian, a literal kitchen sink. We love it.

The best standard safety features are only getting better

More standard safety features, like the rollover test in the attached photo are among the best car trends in recent memory
A rise in standard safety features is always a plus | Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

On a more somber note, cars keep getting safer. Road accidents are a serious issue in America, and brands like Volvo have only been making new cars safer. We’re eternally grateful to be kept out of snowbanks and harms way.

A cruise control stalk used for operating adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control is a must for heavy traffic | Christopher Evans via Getty Images

Speaking of car trends that help keep people safe, we’d be remiss if we left out features like GM’s adaptive cruise software and Tesla’s Autopilot. While Tesla gets its fair share of flak, adaptive cruise has revolutionized driving. We’ll never look at a traffic jam the same again.

Keeping the manual transmission alive is the best car trend

The manual transmission shifter in a 2022 Toyota GR86. Continued use of manual transmissions is one of the best car trends in recent memory
Continued use of manual transmissions is the best car trend ever | Toyota

Glitchy Tesla Software Leads to Recall of Almost Half a Million Tesla Model 3 and Model S EVs

Finally, our best car trend of, well, ever. Every last one of us here at MotorBiscuit are car people at heart, and we love nothing more than a manual transmission. Cars like the 2022 Toyota GR86 keep fun, stick shift driving alive and well. On top of that, there’s a whole gamut of sub-$50,000 manual transmission cars out now, with more on the way for 2022. We’re forever grateful to the most fun way to move four wheels, and we hope to never see the end of any of these incredible car features.