The $41,990 2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range Is Dead…Again

If you want an electric crossover, the 2021 Tesla Model Y is one of the best options around. With plenty of range, tech, and a pleasing aesthetic, this Tesla is already a strong seller for the brand. However, this crossover has always had one thing getting in the way for lower-budget customers, its price.

A few days ago, the American carmaker announced a brand-new Standard Range model, which carried a lower base price. Unfortunately, a new report by Inside EVs indicates that this all-new model is dead, again.

Why was the 2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range a big deal?

As of writing, the cheapest version of the Tesla Model Y available in the Long Range trim, which starts at $48,990. There is also the top Performance trim which starts at $60,990. In contrast, the canceled Standard Range model was set to start at $41,990. According to InsideEVs, the brand announced the new base trim level in early January. Unfortunately, this cheaper model is the one Tesla just pulled the plug on.

In terms of specs, the 2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range was set to offer 244 miles of electric range. Despite the lower electric range, this crossover boasted 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 135 mph. Aside from that, it would provide a cheaper entry into the brand for enthusiastic crossover buyers. As it stands, the most affordable Tesla model available is the Model 3 Standard Range Plus which starts at $36,990.

While we don’t know exactly why the Tesla Model Y Standard Range is dead, it may have something to do with what killed it the first time around.

Why did Tesla decide to pull the plug?

If this story sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because the Tesla Model Y Standard Range also went up for sale last year. The last time around, the model was also taken down from the carmaker’s site. Thankfully, the tweet embedded above from Elon Musk explains why. While the sub-250-mile range isn’t ideal for some buyers, it certainly isn’t a dealbreaker.

Part of what makes this 2021 Tesla Model Y story a bit unusual has to do with the new model’s claimed stats. With its 244-mile estimated range, it certainly didn’t improve over last year’s model. As a result, we’ll have to wait and see why the plug was pulled this time around. However, since Tesla lacks a PR department, we’ll likely have to hold out for a tweet from its CEO.

Could this electric crossover make a comeback?

An image of a Tesla Model Y rolling down the road.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

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As it stands, it isn’t clear if this Tesla Model Y variant will make a comeback. However, as Electrek states, given how popular this cheaper model would be, it makes sense to sell it despite the lower range. As a result, there may be another major issue that has delayed its re-release.

As it stands, the cheapest version available is the aforementioned Long Range trim which starts at $48,990. While this price is significantly higher than the Standard Range, it boasts a $1,000 discount from last year’s price. Given how sudden this Model Y change came about, there may be others on the way.