The 4000-Hp Tecnomar Is the Lamborghini of Yachts

Carmakers, especially higher-end ones, sometimes create projects outside of the automotive field. For example, the founder of the electric supercar company Rimac also designs electric mountain bikes. Lamborghini, though, is going a bit bigger with its newest project. Like Mercedes-Benz before it, the Italian company is helping to make an ultra-exclusive 4000-hp yacht.

The Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63

Blue Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63 yacht cutting through the water in front of a city
Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63 | Lamborghini

This yacht officially called the ‘Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63,’ is the result of a collaboration between Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group, Car and Driver reports. The latter owns yacht builder Tecnomar, which lends its name to the boat.

Lamborghini Sian
Lamborghini Sian | Lamborghini

But the looks come directly from Lamborghini’s design studio, Motor1 reports. The Tecnomar 63 takes heavy inspiration from Lamborghini’s Sian hybrid supercar, Road & Track reports. And not just in the sharp lines and carbon-fiber-intense construction, either.

The cabin features carbon-fiber trim, lots of hexagons, a Lamborghini-style steering wheel, and throttle controls similar to the Urus’ gear selector, Autoblog reports. Plus, the yacht’s 2 starter buttons come directly from Lamborghini’s parts bin.

And the yacht needs those 2 buttons because it has 2 engines. They’re not Lamborghini engines, though they are V12s. Instead, the Tecnomar 63 uses two 2000-hp 24.2-liter diesel V12s. With that, this 53,000-lb yacht can go up to 60 knots, or 69 mph. Which makes it the fastest yacht Tecnomar produces.

However, this Tecnomar yacht isn’t the first boat Lamborghini’s been involved with.

The other Lamborghini boat

Lamborghini has developed actual boat engines in the past, R&T reports. The first, Classic Driver reports, was the 1984 L900, a carbureted 8.2-liter V12 rated at 770 hp. Later, this evolved into the L802, a fuel-injected 900-hp 8-liter V12. But before this, Lamborghini’s engines found themselves installed in a special Riva yacht.

Ferruccio Lamborghini's restored Riva Aquarama yacht speeding through the water
Ferruccio Lamborghini’s restored Riva Aquarama | Riva

Riva’s been making yachts since the 1800s, Motor Trend reports and is still in business today. And perhaps its most iconic model is the mahogany-hulled Aquarama, often called “the Ferrari of the boat world,” New Atlas reports.

Riva took inspiration from America’s Chris-Craft in designing the Aquarama. Allegedly, the yachts took 3000 hours to make. The cabin is lined with leather. And the chrome is reportedly over 10 times thicker than on the typical 60s Italian car.

All Riva Aquaramas have 2 engines, usually Chrysler or Cadillac V8s, Maxim reports. But Ferruccio Lamborghini’s personal 1968 Aquarama uses 2 Lamborghini V12s. Originally, the boat was meant to use 4.0-liter V12s taken from the 350GT. But after its recent restoration, the yacht now has 5.5-liter V12s, making a combined 650 hp.

Pricing and availability

Getting a Riva Aquarama will likely be easier than getting a Tecnomar 63.

That ‘63’ in ‘Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63’ doesn’t just refer to 1963, the year of Lamborghini’s founding, Business Insider reports. Only 63 of these yachts will be built, each featuring fully-customizable upholstery and paint colors. And each will cost about $3.4 million.


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In contrast, a classic Aquarama will typically cost about $750k, according to Yacht World. Riva’s new Aquariva, a tribute to the iconic model, is even less expensive. Though, with an average Yacht World listing price of about $500k, it’s not exactly cheap.

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