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Hunting season is in full swing. Are you in the market for the right truck to haul back your prize? Some new trucks aren’t designed for heavy lifting. If you’re not sure where to start, here are four trucks perfect for hunters who go off-roading.

1. Toyota TRD Pro

The Toyota TRD Pro is a great hunting truck, according to Legendary Whitetails. Some of the things that make it so perfect include great ground clearance, tow hooks and tow package, TRD gas shocks, and skid plates.

Auto Blog is pleased with the changes Toyota made to the 2019 TRD. It explains, “Fox racing shocks now provide damping on all four corners. The rear shocks are paired with reservoirs to hold additional oil volume, supporting higher temperatures in extreme use.” Compared to the previous TRD Pro, the 2019 model has 1.5 inches of added wheel travel in the front and a little more than two inches in back.

2. Ford F-150

The F-150 has been produced since 1975, and many hunters swear by its towing ability, 4WD, and dependability. Competitors like Dodge and Chevy have tried to create their own versions of the F-150 for years. While these automakers certainly produce great trucks, America keeps choosing the legendary F-150.

If you’re on a budget, Doug DeMuro explains why the F-150 is a great used truck. Looking to buy new? Then, the 2019 F-150 cost less than $35,000.

3. Ram Rebel 1500

Seeking a good-looking truck with great gas mileage and a comfortable off-road ride? According to Live Outdoors, the Ram Rebel 1500 is it. Edmunds reports that the Ram 1500 comes with a large variety of trims, so you can decide which is best for your hunting needs.

4. 2011 Ram Outdoorsman

Not everyone wants to invest in a brand-new truck. If that’s your case, then the Outdoorsman may be exactly what you’re looking for. The name alone makes it obvious that Ram designed the Outdoorsman specifically people who like to hunt and fish. 

As Ram explains, “Stocked with as many off-road, outdoor accessories as our engineers said the laws of physics would allow, the Ram Outdoorsman model is designed to handle every fishing excursion, camping trip, hiking expedition, or weekend at the lake you can throw at it.”

So what exactly makes the Ram Outdoorsmen so perfect for hunters? To put it simply, it’s the range of options the Ram included. The automaker knew not everyone likes the same cab style, so buyers have four options to choose from. There’s a regular cab, crew cab, quad cab, and mega cab. 

Then, Ram designed the 1500, 2500HD, and 3500HD single-rear-wheel options. Four-wheel-drive and two-wheel-drive are obvious features any good truck should have, and short- and long-wheelbase models are also nice. The Outdoorsman’s standard equipment includes trailer-towing upgrades, lighting enhancements, reinforced underbody protection, and beefier tires.