The 3 Best Pickup Truck Racks For Hauling Lumber

Pickup trucks racks are great for hauling lumber. With a rack, you can carry lumber longer than your truck, your lumber will sit completely level, and you leave your bed free for other cargo. But which rack is worth your money? Here are our three top picks. Just make sure to tie your cargo down properly.

The Ecotric Adjustible is the best contractor-grade rack

Promo photo of a full-length steel pickup truck lumber rack
Ecotric Adjustible Full Size Truck Contractor Ladder Rack | Ecotric

You’ve seen the Ecotric “Adjustible Full Size Truck Contractor Ladder Rack” around. It is the patented steel rack that extendes over a truck’s cab to provide additional space. And Forbes rates it as the best heavy-duty pickup truck rack available.

Because the Ecotric is a contractor-grade rack, you might not be surprised to hear its rated to carry 1,000 pounds of lumber. But did you know that this pickup truck rack is fully adjustable? It can fit any truck bed from a short bed to a long bed. This bodes well for the rack’s resale value.

You’ll pay anywhere from $330 (Walmart) to $425 for this popular pickup truck rack. One plus is that Ecotric powder coats its contractor ladder rack to prevent rust. One minus is that some buyers report the Ecotric comes with confusing assembly directions and is occasionally missing installation hardware. But find an assembly walk-through on Youtube, take a quick trip to the hardware store, and you should be good to go.

If you carrying cargo too long for even the Ecotric, look at the flexible multy rack.

The ROLA Haul-Your-Might is the best pickup truck rack for Toyotas

Advertising shot of an overhead pickup truck rack engineered for the toyota tundra and tacoma.
ROLA Haul-Your-Might | ROLA

It’s always a shame to drill holes in a perfectly good pickup bed. But if you drive a Toyota or Nissan, you don’t need to.

The Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Titan all share the same bedrail system. ROLA engineered a rack that can fit all three of these pickup beds, without drilling any holes, the ROLA Haul-Your-Might.

This pickup truck rack features anodized aluminum uprights and stainless steel hardware. Its rated for an impressive 800 pounds.

One great feature of the Haul-Your-Might is that you can lock its crossbars in place to deter would-be thieves. One downside is that because this ROLA locks into the bed rail system, you cannot use it and a tonneau cover at the same time. The ROLA runs a hair under $400.

The Thule TracRac SR Overhead Rack is the best premium aluminum rack

this is an aluminum pickup truck lumber rack desgined by thule.
Thule TracRac SR Overhead Rack | Thule

The Thule TracRac SR is the most expensive overhead lumber rack on this list. It will run you at least $800. So what do you get for all that dough? The aluminum TracRac weighs just 59 pounds, yet it boasts a 1,250-pound capacity. Thule’s roof bars are even rated for a lightweight rooftop tent.

The Thule Company has been in the accessory and storage business since the 1940s. The company’s expertise is evident in the design of its TracRac SR. The lumber rack boasts cargo stoppers that can slide the entire length of the rack, holding even one board in place. These crossboars are even aerodynamically designed.

Learn how automakers make the most out of even the smallest truck beds or see the Thule TracRac SR in action yourself in the video below:


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