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To create a worthy successor to the discontinued Nissan 370Z, the Japanese automaker wanted to meld classic looks with modern performance. When the company released the 2023 Nissan Z last year, reviewers enjoyed a much more refined car than the coupe it replaced. A twin-turbocharged, 400-horsepower V6 sending power through a six-speed to the rear wheels made for much fanfare.

There is one slight issue with the near-faultless Nissan Z, though. Many have bemoaned the sports car’s seemingly style-devoid front grille. It may have worked on the Z’s predecessors, but not with the current Z’s elegant tailoring. To make up for it and to further enhance the Z’s nostalgia factor, Nissan will offer a new split-nose front grille. Such will make it look even more like the revered 1969 240Z.

Nissan’s Fairlady Z Customized Proto at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Tokyo Auto Salon brings the extravagance of the Las Vegas-based SEMA show across the Pacific. Like any auto show, mainstream automotive manufacturers and aftermarket companies alike show off spectacular builds. One of these was a bright orange concept based on the Fairlady Z Customized Proto. 

As mentioned before, one of the downsides of the Nissan Z was the rather vague rectangular front grille. On the other hand, the concept car has a split-nose design, which many fans prefer over the production Z’s look. The previous 350Z and 370Z also featured a primarily angular grille. With the new split-nose design, the Nissan Z looks even better as a replacement.

The Nissan Z’s split-nose grille greenlighted for production 

Nissan Z
Nissan Fairlady Z mass-market version | Nissan Global

The bigger news surrounding the concept’s front grille at Tokyo Auto Salon is that it now has the go-ahead for production. Nissan says the unveiled model is a “mass-market version” of the Nissan Z.

Japanese Nostalgic Car says the next entire Fairlady Z appearance kit isn’t available. The production configuration will not have the fender flares seen on the concept at the auto show.

Paying homage to the S30 Fairlady Z432-R that inspired it, the front features a black lower lip similar to the original’s air splitter. The lower part of the new fascia also has two additional air ducts. Some of the Z’s brilliant orange paint is covered in black decals, including a design on the hood, much like the Z432-R.

Is the Nissan Z’s split-nose grille coming to the U.S.?


The 2023 Nissan Z Pulls Radical Vintage Design Cues From Classic Datsun Sports Cars

Nissan is said to have the appearance kit available as a dealer-installed option for the coupe later this year. There is one issue, however. They will only offer it in Japan.

The automaker has yet to confirm other locations where the Nissan Z may have the kit. Considering the development is just a couple of days old, that may change if North American Z car fans get active. If the automaker decides not to sell the kit in the North American market, it’s unlikely that enthusiasts can sneak it into the U.S. It might be tough subverting the industrial might of Nissan. Unfortunately, Z car lovers may have to wait for the 25-year import rule to take effect.