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Truck enthusiasts looking for off-road adventure need to consider the all-new 2022 Nissan Frontier available in both a Pro-X and Pro-4X configuration. The midsize pickup truck is receiving a complete makeover and is ready to take on the toughest of terrain.

Both configurations are very similar, except for the Pro-4X offering a 4×4 iteration. While both trim levels of the new 2022 Nissan Frontier are comparable, the Pro-4X does offer several slight advantages.

Is Nissan really coming out with an all-new Frontier?

Nissan is pulling out all the stops with the newly redesigned 2022 Frontier. It’s the first time the model has received a complete overhaul, and it is being released exclusively in North America.

All of the options and upgrades available in the Pro-X configuration carry over to the Pro-4X version. Auto Evolution said the 2022 Nissan Frontier is “a beautiful truck that looks elegant and aggressive, improving the current generation’s design in every conceivable way.”

Differences between the Pro-X and Pro-4X configurations

The Pro-X configuration is a beefed-up version of a basic two-wheel drive truck. With only one powertrain option, the 3.8-liter V6 engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and puts out 310 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque.

The midsize truck sits higher with Bilstein shocks, a larger front stabilizer bar, and a sturdy rear axle that allows for better desert-friendly off-road raised suspension. Hydraulic cab mounts and urethane jounce bumpers will greatly reduce vibration. The rear-drive helps push the Frontier to the front in off road racing situations. The Pro-X is fine-tuned to accommodate the 2WD application.

There is only one skid plate, compared to the three that come standard in the Pro-4X configuration. The 4WD will most likely endure harsher conditions, so it’s assumed that the extra plates will provide added protection for the fuel tank and transfer case. The 2022 Frontier will have a maximum towing capacity of 6,720 pounds, according to Motor Trend.

Nissan didn’t skimp when it came to style. Both trim levels have an exclusive interior color theme that consists of charcoal with lava red accents. Both configurations also include LED headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights. New Nissan logos adorn the tailgate and front grille.

Owners of either configuration can opt for wireless smartphone charging, dual 110-volt power outlets, and a WiFi hotspot. Optional cloth or leather seating with red stitching is available, as well as a premium state-of-the-art Fender audio sound system.

Motor Trend said the Pro-4X trim is an “off-road-oriented trim level that doesn’t skimp on convenience and style aspects.”

What do we not know about the 2022 Nissan Frontier?

The Pro-4X has a slight advantage over the Pro-X, in part because of the included electronic-locking rear differential that allows for better traction. It also comes with a monitoring system that offers an all-around view, as well as a built-in offroad driving mode. The upgraded system helps drivers avoid hard-to-see obstacles, especially while operating the vehicle in low range at a low speed.

Nissan is currently holding back some relevant information that will help determine the capabilities of the Nissan Frontier Pro-trim trucks.

It’s yet to be seen what the difference between the ride height and ground clearance will be. Also, the rear-axle ratio changes have not been revealed, and data about the departure and approach angles compared to the standard truck is not yet available.

A pricing structure for the Pro-X and Pro-4X has also not yet been announced. We expect to get more detailed information closer to the release date, which is expected to happen in the summer of 2021.


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