The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer’s Headlights Are a Hidden Easter Egg

Some people are quick to spot a “woody” around town almost as much as 80s kids looked for Volkswagen Beetles and shouted “slug-bug” before socking their siblings in the arm. By “woody,” of course, we mean the wood-paneled Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Popular in the 1960s and 1970s as the family wagon, this original SUV-looking Jeep is now making a comeback.

A concept vehicle has already been spotted, and critics are predicting this new version of an old favorite is getting a luxury boost. Production models might arrive in late summer of next year for a 2022 introduction. And there might even be an Easter egg in this nostalgic revival, too.

The OG Jeep Grand Wagoneer and all the nostalgia

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer first made its appearance in 1962, as the 1963 introductory model year took over for the Willy’s Jeep Station Wagon. The iconic “woody” look made this four-door, 4×4 a revolutionary family vehicle back then. But Jeep has plans for a Wagoneer revival, and this time, it’s coming back with upscale luxury touches.

Jeep is hoping this new 2022 Grand Wagoneer will compete well with the likes of the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Expedition. And despite the Wagoneer’s new roster of 2022-style amenities, it may also have some features that pay homage to the Wagoneer of yesterday.

Features that resonate with the original

The critics aren’t sure if the iconic wood panels will be available on the new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The concept SUV that some were able to see up close did not have them. However, this first-look model did have bits of teak wood to dress up the Wagoneer’s headlights. And there are teak wood roof rails. Considering just how popular the “woody” look really was back in the ’60s, most are assuming this newly reinvented version of the Wagoneer will at least have an optional wood panel package, for true enthusiasts to honor their favorite family ride from 60 years ago.

The 2022 Grand Wagoneer’s Easter egg

Even with the teak wood sneaking into the headlight design and for the roof rails, surely there’s more about this new Wagoneer that harkens to its OG predecessor. In fact, there is. The Motor Trend staffers got a sneak peek at the new concept SUV, and they found a gem of an Easter egg. Opening the front doors, they noticed the dashboard ends featured a sketch. There’s an outline drawing of the Wagoneer with “Est. 1963” in small print. It’s hard to say if this Easter egg will make its way into final production, but the Motor Trend critics think it just might.

What you can expect with the 2022 Grand Wagoneer


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Concept vehicles don’t necessarily offer all the details of what to expect in a final production run of a vehicle. So when it comes to evaluating the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it’s hard to know for sure what’s coming. But the critics are expecting some features, like the massive glass roof, similar to the Chrysler Pacifica design. The auto staffers anticipate a 12.3-inch touch screen and a 12.1-inch digital gauge cluster in a family of six displays altogether.

And it’s hard to confirm what engine options will become available, although many expect a plug-in hybrid version is coming eventually. Jeep does say fans can expect a best-in-class towing capability, interior spaciousness, and all the technology married to a premium driving experience.

There are a host of reasons to get excited about the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, even if you’re not a “woody” enthusiast. And when these sweet SUVs land next summer, Jeep is banking on a wave of fans rushing in to check them out in person. The Wagoneer will be tipping its hat and giving a head nod to its 1960s predecessor, but moving forward, it plans to be new, upscale, and game-changing.