The 2022 GMC Sierra Already Lags Behind the Ford F-150

Big things are happening for the 2022 GMC Sierra, however, the same things may have already happened for the Ford F-150. Now the new GMC Sierra could be lagging behind competitors already. Let’s check out why. 

Is the 2022 GMC Sierra behind the competition? 

The big whoop for the 2022 GMC Sierra right now is the fact that they just announced that their Super Cruise semi-autonomous system will be available later in the 2022 model year. According to Pickup Trucks, this is following the introduction of the 2021 Ford F-150’s new Active Drive Assist hands-free steering system that will debut in 2021. 

An image of the dashboard of a 2022 GMC Sierra featuring the Super Cruise driver assist system.
2022 GMC Sierra 1500 | GMC

So basically, GMC will provide similar technology to Ford and it will most likely arrive one year after the Ford system goes live. But hey, better late than never, right? Now more truck options will be able to steer themselves down the highway while your hands are in your lap. 

Cadillac vehicles have been the only options to offer Super Cruise so far, like in the discontinued CT6. GM plans to provide the system with other Cadillac vehicles in the near future and they plan to expand it as a high-level offering with other GM brand vehicles too. 

Which hands-free system is better? 

It’s a little difficult to compare the Ford Active Drive Assist system to the GMC Super Cruise system at the moment. They haven’t been available for drivers to test yet. However, the GMC Super Cruise system allows for operation while hauling a trailer. This gives it a unique leg up on the competition. 

Also, the Super Cruise system is currently limited to about 200,000 miles of American and Canadian public roads, while the Ford system only includes 100,000 miles of mapped road so far. Ford is working on mapping more miles. 

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According to J.D. Power, the systems work by using adaptive cruise control and lane centering systems as a baseline to travel on pre-mapped roads. In hands-free mode, the Active Drive Assist will control the truck’s steering and speed. 

Both the Super Cruise and Active Drive Assist systems will use a driver-facing camera to monitor head positioning and eye movement, even if the driver is wearing sunglasses to ensure the driver is paying attention. 

If they aren’t a series of alerts will appear on the instrument cluster. If those don’t get a response, the warning will become audible as the truck begins to slow down. But we aren’t sure what happens if the truck comes to a complete stop. 

What else is new for the 2022 GMC Sierra? 

The 2022 GMC Sierra is getting a new interior design. The 2021 Ford F-150 recently updated it’s interior as well with seats that fold nearly flat and a large 10-inch display for the infotainment center. 

A gray 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 parked in front of a gray wall
The 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 on display

Plus, the Sierra is getting a fully digital instrument cluster to provide more advanced tech and a modern feeling. It will look great as it’s paired with a new steering wheel and center console design to improve functionality. However, pricing for these updates haven’t been announced yet.