The 2022 Ford Maverick Might Be Cheaper Than Expected – Could Start Under $20,000

As prices for full-size pickup trucks continue to shoot up to the stratosphere, the idea of a smaller and cheaper truck becomes quite appealing. This is where the upcoming Ford Maverick comes in with its smaller footprint. However, it seems this brand-new Ford truck could be far more affordable than expected.

A new report published by Ford Authority indicates that this new truck will start under $20,000. Given the lack of truly affordable options in the current truck market, this new model has the potential to become a best-seller. This is how the American carmaker reportedly plans to achieve this feat.

How much will the Ford Maverick cost?

If you’re saving up to buy a Ford Maverick once it finally arrives, there’s good news. A new report by Ford Authority indicates that this brand-new truck will cost you less than $20,000. However, like with all other truck models, expect higher trim levels and optional extras to shoot that price up considerably.

For context, here is how the Ford Maverick stacks up to the brand’s current cheapest truck, the Ranger. The 2021 Ranger has a base price of $24,820 without accounting for destination costs. As Ford Authority reports, the Maverick’s reported sub-$20,000 price doesn’t include destination charges either. As a result, we don’t know if the base price will be low enough to remain a sub-$20,000 truck once you factor in destination charges and additional fees.

Aside from its price, Ford Authority reports that the Ford Maverick will only exist as a four-door model. As a result, there won’t be a possibility of a cheaper two-door model arriving later on.

How can Ford achieve this lower price-point?

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As you might imagine, selling the Ford Maverick at such an affordable price does require some notable cost-saving measures. For starters, we know that this new truck will use a unibody design. MotorTrend reports that the truck will also rely on the current architecture that underpins the Escape and Bronco Sport. As a result, it won’t offer a body-on-frame design like the Ranger does.

As a result of this architecture choice, Ford Authority reports that the Maverick will arrive with front-wheel-drive. However, all-wheel-drive will remain an option for more expensive trim levels. Additionally, the cheaper front-wheel-drive variants will reportedly use a twist-beam rear suspension setup.

According to Ford Authority, this setup creates significant issues for the all-wheel-drive variants. As a result, these pricier models might use a unique subframe.

In terms of power, Ford Authority suggests that Ford might opt to give this truck a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine to keep cost down. Previously rumors suggested the truck would get either a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine or a turbocharged 2.0-liter unit.

When will this small truck arrive in the U.S.?

2022 Ford Maverick Rendering
2022 Ford Maverick Rendering | Motor Trend

Given all of the advances in the Ford Maverick’s development, MotorTrend estimates that this brand-new 2022 model will go on sale sometime before the end of 2021. While no official release date exists as of writing, the American carmaker might choose to unveil its new model soon to meet this rumored timeline.