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Ford has something happening in Mexico. A small pickup truck just entered production, and it could be the 2022 Ford Maverick. However, it could be a different Ford truck. For example, the Ford Falcon is a mini-ute that isn’t sold in America. So, what exactly is Ford up to? 

The 2022 Ford Maverick might be in production 

According to CNBC, Ford quietly started production of a new ‘C’ pickup truck in Mexico. But it’s not quiet anymore, because we are all talking about it. Of course, the big hope is that the 2022 Ford Maverick just entered production. 

The Ford Ranger beside the camouflaged Ford Maverick in a parking lot.
The Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick | Ford Authority

But what does the ‘C’ in ‘C-pick up’ stand for? It could mean compact. This provides evidence toward the new compact Ford Maverick. But it could also mean Courier. According to GM Authority, the new Ford Courier is a unibody truck that will be built in the Ford plant in Hermosilla, Mexico. 

This is also where the next generation Ford Transit Connect utility van will be manufactured, and it’s where the Ford Bronco Sport is currently being built. Would the Ford Courier squash our Maverick dreams? 

What we know about the 2022 Maverick 

The 2022 Ford Maverick is expected to share the same platform with the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport. So, this is a good sign. The mysterious little truck is currently being made in the same plant that is building the Bronco Sport. So, it’d be easy to place a new vehicle on the same frame. 

But when Ford Maverick rumors first emerged, people wondered if the truck would ride on the same platform as the Ford Transit Connect. So, could Ford be making two different compact trucks? 

Spy shots have shown what is expected to be the Maverick being tested in America. However, 21 units were assembled in the Hermosillo plant in February. This could indicate that these new prototypes were just produced for testing. Why build new prototypes when some are already in America? 

Also, Ford likes to compete against Ram and Chevy. There were huge hopes for the return of the Ram Dakota in America. But those dreams were ruined when the Ram 700 was revealed as a tiny ute that won’t be available in the United States. 

The Ram 700 and Chevy Tornado are tiny, unibody trucks that are both used in Mexico. The Ford Courier would be the perfect unibody truck to compete against them. Plus, it could be offered at a cheap price, and Ford mentioned offering a new truck that begins under $2,000. 

The Ford Maverick is different than original ideas 

At first, the 2022 Ford Maverick was expected to be a tiny ute. The mini-truck would have two doors and a tiny bed to be like the little trucks other countries get to use. But spy photos show a larger truck. 

Camouflaged versions of the Ford Maverick look like it’s barely smaller than the Ford Ranger. However, the Ram 700 is a much smaller vehicle. Plus, the Ford Maverick headlights look pretty big and confident. 

2022 Ford Maverick Spy Shot
2022 Ford Maverick Spy Shot | Maverick Truck Club

If the Ford Maverick shares parts with the Ford Bronco Sport, then it might not be under $20,000. The Bronco Sport starts at about $28,155, and the Ford Escape begins at around $24,885. 

With the 1,5-liter turbocharged engine with 181 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 250 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque, the Maverick would have more power than an ute. It would be more robust and better suited for off-roading. Therefore it’s entirely possible that Ford just put a totally different truck into production. 


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