The 2021 Toyota Sienna Has Camper Van Vibes

Toyota wants you to know that its Sienna isn’t just a minivan; it’s a cool minivan. It’s no secret that minivans are becoming less popular as SUVs rise. Even so, the new 2021 Toyota Sienna shows that minivans are still a compelling vehicle option, mainly because of its camper-van like qualities. 

The 2021 Sienna has a bolder look and refined power

A photo of the Toyota Sienna outdoors.
2021 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

The 2021 Sienna still looks very much like a minivan, but Toyota spiced it up with a bolder exterior. The new Sienna has a sharper edge, flashier front grille, and Lexus-inspired tail lights. However, the most significant aspect of Sienna is beneath the surface. 

For 2021, the Sienna is now only available as a hybrid, replacing the previous V6 powertrain on the outgoing version. The new Sienna will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder plus two electric motors; these power sources produce 245-hp. Its hybrid platform is very similar to the Highlander Hybrid. Reviewers have also been excited that the Sienna will now be available with front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive.

A photo of the Toyota Sienna outdoors.
2021 Toyota Sienna rear-view | Toyota

This hybrid powertrain is less powerful than the previous Sienna generations. The trade-off, of course, is better fuel economy. The 2021 Sienna has an EPA rating of 36 mpg overall, making it competitive with the Pacific Hybrid that Chrysler currently offers.

About those camper-van vibes 

2021 Sienna at a camping site
2021 Sienna with a power converter| Toyota

In addition to its more efficient powertrain, the 2021 Sienna will have more creature comforts than before. When Toyota first unveiled the Sienna’s modish features, we couldn’t help but think it works more as a camper van that can seat up to seven or eight. One of the most intriguing features the Sienna has is a 1500W power inverter that can supply camping equipment. According to the owner’s manual, you can’t exceed 120V with the available power inverter.

A Sienna Platinum interior shown in Noble Brown leather trim.
Sienna Platinum interior with brown leather | Toyota

What’s also pretty cool is that the Sienna’s captain’s seats turn into longer lounge chairs on the upper-level trims. Not only do they recline, but they have a footrest too. And as Car and Driver highlights, the family-friendly features don’t stop there. 

A Sienna van with an in-car vacuum in the console area.
Sienna with a in-car vacuum | Toyota

To compete better with the Honda’s Odyssey, the 2021 Sienna offers an in-car vacuum. The Sienna’s vacuum lies in its center console. In Car and Driver’s test, the team said it’s easy to twist the vacuum hose to clean up every inch of the van’s cabin. 

A 2021 Sienna with a cooler in the console area.
Sienna with a cooler | Car and Driver

Toyota also made a big splash by saying the Sienna will have a mini-fridge. On the pre-production Car and Driver had, the team said the little cooler could hold a handful of refreshments. Unfortunately, the 2021 Sienna won’t initially be available with the fridge due to a supplier issue, but it will come later.

More features to look forward to

A photo of the Toyota Sienna outdoors.
2021 Toyota Sienna lineup | Toyota

The Toyota Sienna Will Never Get TRD Off-Road for This Reason

There are many other reasons to get excited about the new Sienna. Along with its mini appliances, the Sienna will have gesture-controlled sliding doors and be available with a wheelchair-accessible conversion. Other likable elements include a tailgate speaker to make outdoor gatherings more fun.

The new Sienna also offers third-row window shades, which Car and Driver particularly liked. A standard 2021 Sienna begins at $34,460. If you’re interested in the top-tier trim, expect to pay around $49,900.