The 2021 Toyota Sequoia Actually Guzzles Gas Like They Say it Does

In recent testing of the 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro, one of the most noticeable aspects of this Toyota SUV is fuel consumption. The amount of time spent at the fuel pump wasn’t fun––even if nearly everything else about this vehicle was. It turns out that the 2021 Toyota Sequoia actually guzzles gas like they say it does.

a 2021 toyota sequoia trd pro in Lunar rock in a pale desert showing off its wide, rugged stance.
2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Toyota USA

Does the Toyota Sequoia have a V8?

Yes, the 2021 Toyota Sequoia has a V8 engine. It is the last of a dying breed with a classic Toyota 5.7-liter V8 as its only engine option. It’s a bonafide beast. We pushed it off-road, drove in the snow, and made a trip to the mountains. There is virtually nothing this V8 can’t handle.

At least that was the case for us in the 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. In this model, the V8 engine sends power to all four wheels with a 6-speed automatic transmission. There’s no issue passing on the highway or navigating obstacles.

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The average fuel mileage isn’t economical

The EPA hasn’t posted any mileage estimates for the 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. Toyota’s website advertises 13 mph in the city, 17 mph on the highway with a 14 mph average. The EPA reports that the 2020 4WD model can expect the same. The 2020 Toyota Sequoia gets an average of 15 mp––an entire mph of improvement.

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Granted, the typical buyer of the Sequoia isn’t concerned about getting fantastic fuel mileage. If they were they’d buy a Prius or a RAV4 Hybrid. So, while the gas mileage is dismal, it’s not likely that this concerns you if you want––and are able to afford––a 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. Car and Driver might report that it has the worst average fuel economy in its class, but it is also among the best in terms of sheer capability. It’s up to you if it’s worth the trade.

The Sequoia Shuffle

After countless (and expensive) trips to fuel pump, my family began lovingly nicknaming gas station trips “the Sequoia Shuffle.” It is among one of our favorite test cars we’ve reviewed, so we certainly mean no harm by it. But it’s just a fact. The 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is a downright gas guzzler.

The V8 is powerful. This large SUV with three rows is heavy, but it certainly gives its driver and passengers a sense of security. But there is no getting around the fact that gas stations are frequent and anyone who drives one will end up doing the Sequoia Shuffle.

The army green 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro in the snow
The 2020 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro | Peter Corn via MotorBiscuit

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Our actual fuel economy was even lower. We were pushing it, for sure. Off-road trails and snow aren’t exactly daily driving for most people. That said, at one point our average fuel economy was in the single digits.

So, while we loved our time spent in it, there’s no denying that the 2021 Toyota Sequoia actually guzzles gas like they say it does. However, I can certainly see how someone would buy this Toyota SUV anyway. Parking in tight spaces may not be an easy task. But TRD Pro model made light of far more daunting tasks. For the right families, the 2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro is the perfect SUV.