The 2021 Toyota Mirai Just Got a Cheaper Price Tag

The Toyota Mirai first appeared in 2015 and was the first hydrogen-powered vehicle to appear on the market in North America. For 2021, Toyota has redesigned the Toyota Mirai as a premium rear-wheel drive sports-luxury FCEV. But how much will the 2021 Toyota Mirai cost you? As it turns out, it might not be that much.

The 2021 Toyota Mirai is cheaper than last year’s model

Every once in a while an automaker will decide to drop the price on one of its vehicles. But the cost difference between the 2021 Toyota Mirai and first-generation models is pretty extreme. In fact, if you happened to buy a 2020 Toyota Mirai, you’re probably going to experience some extreme buyer’s remorse when you find out that the 2021 model costs $9,050 less than the outgoing Mirai.

According to Toyota, the 2021 Toyota Mirai boasts a starting MSRP of $49,500. Tack on the Advanced Technology package, which adds features like a Bird’s Eye View camera, front and rear Parking Assist with Automated Braking and front-seat foot illumination, and you can expect to dish out an additional $1,410. Upgrade to the Limited trim, and you can expect a starting MSRP of $66,000. And for an Oxygen White, Heavy Metal, Supersonic Red or Hydro Blue (Limited only) colored Mirai, you will have to pay an additional $425.

Toyota is offering special rates on the 2021 Toyota Mirai 

You can also lease the 2021 Toyota Mirai. Toyota says that the Mirai XLE will have a starting lease price of $499 a month. Leasing a Limited will start at $549 a month. The automaker also plans to offer special launch incentives to drop the price of the Mirai even further. According to Toyota, this will include special finance rates, and all sorts of cashback programs.

To further sweeten the deal, each new Mirai comes with up to $15,000 of complimentary hydrogen. New models also include Extended ToyotaCare, which is good for three years or 35,000 miles. Toyota is giving buyers of the 2021 Toyota Mirai roadside assistance for three years and unlimited miles, an eight-year/100,000-mile FCEV warranty on key fuel cell electric vehicle components, and a complimentary rental experience for up to 21 days during the first three years of ownership too.

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There are some tax incentives for buyers to take advantage of

While pricing for the 2021 Toyota Mirai starts at $49,500, there are some tax incentives available that will knock that price down even further. Autoblog reports that this year’s Mirai is eligible for an $8,000 federal tax incentive. There may be local tax incentives available too. Autoblog also pointed out that the state of California, where the Mirai is typically sold, will give you an additional $4,500 on top of the federal tax incentive as well.

Unfortunately, it only makes sense to buy a Toyota Mirai if you live in California

According to Car and Driver, the infrastructure needed to keep the Toyota Mirai moving is really only available in California. Should more fueling stations show up in other states, however, there is always the chance that Toyota will sell the Mirai in other regions. But, until then, the 2021 Toyota Mirai is really only available in California.