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Toyota Hilux is among the best off-road vehicles in the world. The newest 2021 model is here and fans are excited. But is this truck really the total package or are there some drawbacks? 

The biggest drawback for many people is the fact that the Toyota Hilux isn’t available in the United States, but beyond availability, there are a few things that critics, like Yahoo, knock the truck for.

There is plenty to love about the new Toyota Hilux 2021

As mentioned above, this truck has excellent off-road capabilities. That thanks in part to the addition of a brand-new automatic electronic control. This delivers improved traction and acceleration on low-grip surfaces.

Another thing to love about the truck is the excellent city driving. The Hilux offers exemplary performance, whether on good roads in the city or in the actual jungle. Its enhanced suppression system provides it with the required firmness and stability. 

According to Yahoo, the engine options in the truck haven’t changed much. However, Toyota has added a little more power to both engine options. And as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The 2021 Toyota Hilux isn’t a flawless truck

Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this new model, pricing and safety scores are the most notable drawbacks. Let’s explore these complaints a little more thoroughly.

Average safety scores

There are a few safety caveats associated with the newest Hilux according to Yahoo. Gaining only three-star ratings from the European New Car Assessment Program, the front impact protection of the pickup’s driver-side leaves room for improvement.

Furthermore, the Pedestrian and Safety Assist systems got a low rating. Despite having a full range of electronic braking and traction-control technologies, a reversing camera, emergency stop signal, seven SRS airbags, and seat belt reminders for all the car seats, safety remains a significant concern. 

How affordable is the 2021 Toyota Hilux? 

The new Toyota Hilux 2021 comes with a hefty price tag on some trim levels. According to Cars Guide, the truck starts around $23,000 which seems perfectly reasonable. However, the price quickly increases as you move up in trim levels.

Top-level Hiluxes will cost a little less than $70,000. Spending that much on a truck might seem like a questionable move. Yet, when you consider the reliability and performance of the Hilux, it might just be a good investment.

Overall the 2021 Toyota Hilux is still one of the most rugged and dependable trucks on the planet. The higher price tag and average safety scores are relatively small drawbacks when you consider the reason many people buy a truck.


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