The 2021 Tesla Model Y Is the Least Reliable EV You’ll Love Says Consumer Reports

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is without a doubt one of the brand’s most important models. Thanks to the Model Y’s status as an electric crossover, it exists in one of the most profitable segments of the U.S. auto market. As a result, it is vital that early adopters of this EV’s first-generation love the platform.

Fortunately, a new study by Consumer Reports revealed that Model Y owners love their electric crossovers. These findings are quite surprising given the atrocious reliability ratings Consumer Reports gave the model.

Why do 2021 Tesla Model Y owners love this electric crossover?

To gauge just how much 2021 Tesla Model Y owners love their crossovers, Consumer Reports conducted a study that asked owners if they would repurchase their car. In response, 89 percent of owners responded positively to the survey. In fact, this high percentage makes the Model Y one of the most satisfying brand-new cars to own, says Consumer Reports.

It isn’t exactly hard to see why owners love the 2021 Tesla Model Y so much. For $41,990, you get an electric crossover capable of 244 miles of electric range and a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds. Additionally, if you splurge for the $59,990 Performance trim, you get 303 miles of range and a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

During Consumer Reports’ testing of the 2021 Tesla Model Y, the EV aced the road test. The Tesla particularly excelled in the acceleration, fuel economy, braking, comfort, and noise categories. As a result, the Model Y will likely make for a fun and comfortable daily driver. However, as you might expect, there is another side to this coin.

Should you buy a Model Y?

Before you go out and pull the trigger on a brand-new 2021 Tesla Model Y, you’ll want to look at Consumer Reports’ reliability ratings. While the EV aced the road test, it completely failed the reliability section, making it the least reliable brand-new Tesla.

In a survey asking owners about problems they experienced, Consumer Reports did not find significant issues with the electric powertrain. However, 2021 Tesla Model Y owners cited problems with the EV’s paint, trim, body integrity, and body hardware. As a result, Consumer Reports gave the EV their lowest reliability score possible.

While these 2021 Tesla Model Y issues may not be surprising, the ownership satisfaction score stated earlier certainly is. Despite the questionable build-quality and reliability issues, 89 percent of owners said they would repurchase their electric crossover. If we had to guess, this means the powertrain and driving experience overshadows any small problems they’ve faced along the way.

How do other models stack up?


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If you thought the 2021 Tesla Model Y was the most loved model from the brand, you’d be wrong. In the same Consumer Reports list, both the Tesla Model S and Model 3 also did very well. 89 percent of Model S owners and 91 percent of Tesla Model 3 owners said they would repurchase their cars. What makes these higher scores even more significant is the fact that the Model 3 leads the list for all brand-new 2021 models.

As you might imagine, the Model 3 and Model S also share some less than ideal predicted reliability scores. However, they aren’t nearly as bad as the score the 2021 Tesla Model Y received. As a result, if a Tesla is on your wishlist, your best bet just might be the lovable Model 3.