The 2021 Model Y Is the Least Reliable Tesla According To Consumer Reports

Tesla typically generates glowing reviews, but that’s not even close to what happened with the 2021 Tesla Model Y. A passing glance at the vehicle’s Consumer Reports page quickly indicates that there is something seriously wrong with the vehicle. The reporting services only gave the vehicle an overall score of 50 out of a possible 100 which is very low indeed. Drivers want to know exactly what problems the 2020 Model Y encountered and if Tesla has taken steps to correct them.

The 2020 Tesla Model Y’s disappointing scores

It’s easy to look at the 2021 Tesla Model Y’s shockingly low Consumer Reviews overall score and not look any closer at the vehicle. Before writing the Model Y off, it’s important to understand exactly how that particular score is calculated. 

The overall score is created by averaging together a few key components of the car. The reporting company uses data about the vehicle’s predicted reliability, how it performed during the road test, how happy customers are with the vehicle, and the safety of the vehicle. 

“The Overall Score is not static,” Consumer Reports explained in an article they posted in December 2020. “As new testing, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety data become available, the scores will be updated on That means members can always access the most current assessment of what makes the best-driving, most reliable, most satisfying, and safest cars.”

Where the problems start

As you look closer at the Tesla Model Y’s stats, you’ll notice that in most areas, the Model Y scored quite well. The vehicle garnered an impressive 90 out of 100 on the road test and a perfect five out of five in customer satisfaction. The problem is the vehicle’s predicted reliability which is only one out of five. A little more digging reveals that the main reliability concerns revolve around the vehicle’s paint trim, body hardware, and body integrity. 

The year is still young. While drivers are starting to enjoy the 2021 Model Ys, the vehicles are still so new, it’s impossible to accurately assess how the vehicle will perform and what problems will arise. Because the vehicle is so new, Consumer Reports predicted its reliability based on how previous years have performed. When you look at the information about the 2020 Model Y, you’ll notice that its reliability score is also quite low. Another one out of five. The issues are the same. 

Early in 2020, it became apparent that there was an issue with the paint that was used on the 2020 Tesla Model Y. Fred Lambert discussed these issues in an article that was published by Electrek. Although there were problems with the paint, they weren’t major. He mentioned tiny dust particles in the paint. There was also some discoloration. In a few cases, the problem was difficult to correct, which led to additional paint problems. While the paint issues are irritating and could potentially lead to bigger issues down the road if they weren’t corrected, in the grand scheme of things, the situation could have been much worse.

Purchasing a 2021 Tesla Model Y


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If you decide to take a chance on the 2021 Tesla Model Y, you get to choose from the new Standard Range model, the Long Range version, and the Performance model. The Standard Range of this EV starts at $41,990 (plus destination charge) and the long-range starts at $49,990. The starting price of the Performance version is $59,990.

Considering that all the problems connected to the Model Y’s reliability stem from paint issues and not mechanical problems, hopefully, the predicted reliability score will quickly improve, which will give the vehicle’s overall score a much needed and deserved boost.