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There was a time when the only place you’d spot a Mini was in the United Kingdom. Today, you can find these cars all over the United States. American’s can’t get enough of these little cars. The 2021 Mini GP marks the start of the third generation of Minis Americans can purchase.

One reviewer recently took a spin in the latest incantation and loved it but also noted that there was one feature he felt should have been added to the iconic vehicle.

What is the 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP?

The 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP is the Mini’s special edition vehicle of the year. The company is only producing 3,000 of these vehicles… worldwide. 

The 2021 Mini JCW GP is designed to be faster, more agile, and more sporty looking than any of the Minis that have come before it. This car is perfect for drivers who love a cute vehicle that goes fast and turns quickly. 

It’s easy to identify the 2021 Mini JCW GP at a glance. Instead of traditional fenders, the vehicle is outfitted with carbon fiber fender flares. It’s also equipped with one of the largest rear wings that has ever been placed on a Mini. The lip spoiler and the front apron are also different.

When you pop the hood, you’ll notice a slightly smaller engine than you expected. Don’t let its small size fool you. This is a surprisingly powerful engine.

It’s capable of 301-hp and 331-pound-feet of torque, according to MSN, which gives this vehicle an amazing rate of acceleration. The company also lightened the vehicle’s weight as much as possible, which makes it quicker and even more agile. 

Taking the new Mini GP for a spin

Back in July, months before the rest of the country had access to the 2021 Mini GP, Jon Wong, of CNET’s Roadshow, took advantage of an opportunity to drive and review the 2021 Mini GP. He was pleased with both how powerful the vehicle was and how easy it was to control. He felt that the car has the ability to hold it’s own on a racecourse. 

When it came to daily street driving, Wong had some concerns. He felt that the braking was rough, particularly at slower speeds. The reviewer also noted that the vehicle provided a rough ride, making it a questionable choice on rural roads that are often full of patched potholes. He also felt that a better infotainment system could have been installed in the vehicle.

For Wong, the biggest surprise was that the 2021 Mini JCW GP was an automatic transmission. Given that the vehicle is designed for speed and sport, a manual transmission, which gives the driver more control and options, would have been a more sensible choice. 

Other reviewers, like Autotrader, have noted that because the manufacturer wanted to make the vehicle as lightweight as possible, this meant removing much of the insulation. As a result, there is quite a bit of road noise in the cabin. The faster the car goes, the louder the road noise becomes.

Purchasing a 2021 Mini John Cooper GP

Given that there’s only 3,000 2021 Mini John Cooper Works GPs in existence, finding one won’t be easy. If you do find one, the price tag is $44,900, according to Mini’s website.

If you’re looking for a fast alternative, consider the classic Mini Cooper which provides you with a manual transmission and three different engine options. The classic mini cooper sport is capable of reaching 0-60 in a mere six seconds and has no trouble sustaining the type of high speeds you desire.


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