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The Mini Countryman already got a facelift for 2021. Now, the largest Mini is also getting a miniature price tag. The value-packed 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition offers everything drivers love about the SUV at a budget cost.

The Oxford Edition almost seems too good to be true, as it has $5,600 of typically optional equipment as standard. Plus, its starting MSRP of $26,500 is $2,600 cheaper than that of the entry-level Cooper trim.

So, what’s the catch? These models were reserved for students, recent college grads, and military vets in past years. But Mini recently dropped that requirement, allowing anyone to purchase one. Additionally, you won’t be able to haggle for a lower price on these Mini Countryman special edition models like you could on a regular model.

Car and Driver got clarification from the manufacturer on how this process would work in terms of pricing negotiation. The publication said, “Mini officials explained that they can offer these at such a discount by refusing to offer incentivized leases or rebates on Oxford Edition models and setting a fixed, no-negotiation-needed price.”

Regardless, the 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition is a fantastic value compared to the base trim. Let’s examine which features this special-edition model offers, so you can determine if this sporty SUV is right for you.

Huge value in a mini package

A blue 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition on display with British scenery in the background.
The 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition on display | Photo via Mini

The 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition is based upon the Countryman Classic, so it includes all those features. These include leatherette seats, an 8.8-inch touchscreen, rear parking sensors, and a panoramic sunroof.

Meanwhile, this special edition adds a lot of goodies that make it ultra enticing for car shoppers. For starters, it has exterior enhancements like fog lights, LED headlights, Union Jack LED taillights, and 18-inch wheels. Moving inside, you’ll find an anthracite (blackish) headliner, automatic climate control, and heated front seats.

Buyers can choose from six paint colors – silver, grey, black, blue, green, and red. Plus, you have the choice of body-colored roof/mirrors or contrast white or black roof/mirrors.

The 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition is powered by a spry 134-hp 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This powertrain returns an EPA-estimated 29 MPG city/highway combined. You can sub out the standard front-wheel-drive system for an all-wheel-drive system for an added cost of $2,000. However, this reduces the SUV’s combined fuel economy rating by two MPG.

What do other 2021 Mini Countryman models offer?

Mini refreshed the styling of all the Countryman models for 2021, and it added some new features as well. Its infotainment system is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, and you can add an optional digital gauge cluster.

The Oxford Edition delivers incredible value, but it’s far from the best Mini has to offer. That honor belongs to the performance-oriented John Cooper Works (JCW) model. It features a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine tuned to produce 301 hp. This powerplant works in tandem with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an AWD system. However, the 2021 Mini Countryman JCW ALL4 has quite a hefty price tag, starting at $41,500.

The Countryman S is an affordable upgrade over the base model and the Oxford Edition. It comes with a more subdued version of the turbocharged four-cylinder engine, as it only delivers 189 hp. Meanwhile, the pricey Countryman S E plug-in hybrid is an option for eco-conscious drivers, as it earns an EPA-estimated 73 MPGe city/highway combined.

The final verdict

It might be somewhat of a hassle to acquire, but the 2021 Mini Countryman Oxford Edition is a better choice than the base model. Its added value goes beyond style, as features like heated seats and its larger touchscreen offer substance.

Those who are looking to utilize the Countryman as a daily driver would do well to consider the Oxford Editon. However, those who want a more thrilling driving experience should instead consider the S or JCW models.


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