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Our hearts go out to the poor 2021 Lordstown Endurance and Lordstown Motors. The Lordstown electric pickup truck tried to tackle the Baja desert in California but failed pretty early. It didn’t finish the race or even make it to the halfway mark. 

The 2021 Lordstown Endurance struggles with Baja racing 

According to The Drive, the 2021 Lordstown Endurance traveled to Baja, California, to compete in the San Felipe 250. This is a grueling desert race that pushes drivers and vehicles to extreme limits. 

2021 Lordstown Endurance Race Truck in the sand
2021 Lordstown Endurance Race Truck | Lordstown

The Endurance EV failed to finish the race, but that shouldn’t reflect poorly on Lordstown Motors. Established racers such as Ford have failed to complete the race. Even the Ford Bronco had to be towed off the course once. 

The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck upped the ante by adding battery power into the mix. This adds the concern of charge longevity and charging abilities when the battery runs out of juice in a remote location. 

Why did the Lordstown Endurance fail? 

According to The Street, the 2021 Lordstown Endurance race-prepped model completed 39.8 miles of the brutal 280-mile course. The goal was for this truck to make through 40 miles of the race. So, it did achieve its mission. 

Lordstown shared that they knew it was a grueling environment that would push the electric truck to its limits. Successfully navigating the extreme conditions of the first 40-miles of the race proved that its mechanicals could meet or exceed their expectations. 

However, while knowing that the environment would demand significantly higher amounts of energy, the terrain proved to be even more demanding once the tires met the sand. The Lordstown Endurance didn’t have enough juice to make it without a charging method in the remote area. 

The race provided valuable insights about the battery pack, software, and technology. Now Lordstown Motors can use this data to improve the Endurance’s performance over-demanding and treacherous conditions. They will be back to tackle the course again. 

What do we know about the Lordstown Endurance? 

The 2021 Lordstown Endurance is expected to begin at around $52,000. The first models should be delivered to fleets by the end of the year. It’s a light-duty electric pickup truck that is manufactured in Ohio. 

Four in-hub motors power this EV truck. It should have about 600 hp and the ability to tow up to 7,500 lbs. It should also provide an estimated range of 250 miles, which feels a little short compared to rivals. 

2021 Lordstown Endurance
2021 Lordstown Endurance | Lordstown

But on a positive note, which is a battery-related pun, the Endurance should achieve an estimated 75 MPGe. The hub motors are 95-percent efficient compared to the 25-percent efficiency of combustion engines. 

The Endurance has the fewest moving parts of any motor vehicle. This advancement may lead to fewer maintenance costs and a significantly lower cost of ownership than other commercial options. 

Plus, the revolutionary all-electric in-wheel drive system uses four hub motors with integrated software to provide a motor and a mind in each wheel. This truck should be as intelligent as it is capable.


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