The 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Is More Than a Pretty Face

It’s tough to find a vehicle that looks great and can handle the elements. Automakers often assume that off-road adventurers prefer vehicles that look rugged inside and out. Though that’s often true, drivers also want style and comfort. And Land Rover delivered with the 2021 Range Rover.

It looks great inside and out. There’s just enough luxury to make it feel like your home away from home. But can it handle the snow?

The 2021 Range Rover at a glance

If you’re looking for a nice, reliable, but cheap SUV, the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover isn’t it. It starts at $92,000 and tops out at $211,000. It’s highly questionable whether this full-size crossover is worth its extremely high price.

The 2021 model offers three engine options, and they all provide plenty of power. They include a standard 355-hp turbocharged six-cylinder, a 398-hp plug-in-hybrid four-cylinder, and a 254-hp turbodiesel V6. 

Adaptive air suspension gives the Range Rover a shockingly smooth ride both on- and off-road. And speaking of off-road: Riding the trails has never been easier. This Range Rover is also comfortable, thanks to a spectacular interior. 

Critics are on the fence about it, though. U.S. News reports, “The Range Rover welcomes you with its library-quiet interior, top-notch cabin materials, and generous seating space for five occupants. This SUV feels fairly stable around turns, and it glides comfortably over rough road surfaces, yet it still provides great off-road capability when the going gets tough.”

But there are downsides too. A major problem is the Range Rover’s poor predicted reliability rating. U.S. News gave it a score of 2.5 out of 5. Many competitors, such as the Mercedes G-Wagon and Range Rover Sport, boast better reliability scores. 

The Range Rover’s gorgeous interior

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The interior looks amazing. It’s filled with padded leather, soft-touch plastic, real wood, and even aluminum. However, some critics think it’s a bit spartan for such a high price

The seats are more than spacious, providing plenty of legroom and headroom. The front seats are heated, and they come standard on the Range Rover, unlike most other vehicles. 

The main problem with the interior is that it seats only five people. Given the price, it would make sense to add a third row. But that’s not the case with the Range Rover.

Another major issue is the infotainment system. Yes, the two 10-inch touchscreens are awesome. They aren’t very user-friendly, though, which can become frustrating quickly. 

Driving in the snow has never been more fun

The 2021 Range Rover offers one benefit that makes it both practical and attractive. It can really plow through snow.

According to U.S. News, the vehicle has no issues when it comes to snow. That’s if you upgrade, of course. An optional Terrain Response system increases the tire grip in the snow and other winter conditions. 

The Range Rover’s height also helps it dash through the snow. It offers 11.7 inches of ground clearance, allowing it to travel safely over snow piles that would leave other vehicles stranded. 

That being said, the price is still a deal-breaker for many consumers. Sure, the Range Rover boasts a high-end interior and can plow through snow. But so can other vehicles that cost significantly less.