The 2021 Honda Accord Is the Shooshing Librarian of Sedans

Most car enthusiasts care a lot about what cars sound like. Engines and exhaust systems are as performance-related as they are pleasing to simply sit and listen to. However, most consumers are more interested in cars that are civilized and quiet. Consumer Reports has made clear that quietness ranks highly on their list of criteria. Well, with that in mind, the 2021 Honda Accord is a regular ol’ angry librarian; everything is quiet when it’s around. 

The 2021 Honda Accord is a quiet car

It should come as no surprise that the 2021 Honda Accord features something that consumers love. It has been a crowd-pleaser since day one. The 2021 Honda Accord grabbed an early spot on the Consumer Reports list of “Quietest Midsized Cars.” The Accord has so many versions that it has learned to blend sport and comfort better than most. 

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid driving down a road
2021 Honda Accord Hybrid in action | Photo via Honda

According to CR, the hybrid Accord is the quietest of the line. Of course, the quieter engine helps, but even road and wind noise is great reduced to give the driver and passengers a more peaceful ride. The 2021 Honda Accord takes it even further than just being quiet; it actually hushes other sounds and actively makes things quieter. 

What is “anti-noise”?

Not only is the 2021 Honda Accord quiet itself, it literally shooshes other sounds that may be annoying to you. The Accord has a CVT, and sometimes it will allow the revs to get a little high, and the noise can get above what Honda thinks is acceptable. When this happens, the Accord will make anti-noise sounds from its speakers to mask the engine sound and ultimately make the car quieter. 


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Is the 2021 Honda Accord a good car?

Hell yeah, it’s a Honda. CR gave it a strong 84/100 overall. Although its quiet and comfortable cabin is a major highlight of the Accord, the popular Honda has some other really shiny parts. The powertrain for the hybrid is a killer. Although the other two engine options are strong, the hybrid is the better choice. First of all, it is rated at 47 mpg combined. This isn’t a microcar or some goofy three-cylinder; this is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with dual-electric motors. Not only is the fuel economy great, but the electric motors also give you a great pull off the line. 

How about actually driving it? 

The 2021 Honda Accord isn’t a sports car, and thankfully it isn’t trying to be. That said, it can take a corner with some proficiency. The Honda is nimble without being stiff. A corner is no sweat, and potholes can be hit with relative ease. 

The brakes are nice and lively. Emergency braking was done quickly and without fuss. It’s the same story for just about every aspect of driving the 2021 Honda Accord. Everything is done well, without any fuss. 

The Honda Accord has a lovely interior 

The Honda Accord has one of the more competitive cabins in the segment. The materials and design are well thought out with plastic wood-look trim, chrome climate control knobs, and stitched accents on the seats.

Above all else, it’s just quiet. This isn’t a passive quietness. Quietness usually means a lack of sounds; the 2021 Accord goes further back, actually removing sounds and engineering things to be as peaceful as possible.