The 2021 Honda Accord Beats Its Competition in a Landslide

There’s no question that SUVs still continue to be consumer favorites and automakers continue to disrupt the segment with new models and improved variations. But let’s not overlook the midsize sedan. The ultimate four-door family car segment is still hot with top contenders like the Honda Accord, the Hyundai Sonata, and the Subaru Legacy.

These sedans are getting sleeker, smarter, and more innovative with each model year introduction. And some suggest the Honda Accord can’t be beaten. In a recent vehicle comparison, the Accord faces off with the Sonata and the Legacy specifically. Despite the impressive upgrades and amenities Hyundai and Subaru bring to the table, the 2021 Honda Accord still takes the cake and surges ahead.

Three top contenders face off in this comparison

MotorTrend points out that when it comes to comparing the Hyundai Sonata, the Subaru Legacy, and the Honda Accord, it’s a tight race. Losing in this head-to-head won’t produce any real losers, as all three of these midsize sedans are top-rated consumer favorites. All three offer four-cylinder engines, and two with turbocharged versions.

But that’s about where the similarities end. MotorTrend says there is one clear winner here – in a landslide – but reminds consumers that style and preferences should guide the car-buying decision.

Each has its own superpower

Just like in the comic books, where each hero comes with his or her own superpower, each of these midsize sedans dominates in at least one key area.

The Hyundai Sonata, for example, has what MotorTrend calls a “soothingly cohesive” cockpit. The Subaru Legacy is a super value proposition when you compare the roster of equipment with its $30,000 price tag. The Honda Accord offers what MotorTrend calls a “smooth and quiet” ride with its perfectly tuned CVT transmission.

The 2021 Honda Accord can’t be beaten

Historically, consumers made the Honda Accord a top choice for a number of reasons, including its lightweight design and double-wishbone suspension. According to some older Reddit threads, these cars have always been affordable to buy, reliable to drive, and easy to maintain. It may be the Honda Accord’s tenth generation and fourth model year now, but there is no sign of aging on this incredible midsize sedan. 

New for 2021, the Accord gets a few minor refreshments, including wheel design, grille style, and brighter LED headlights. And this crowd-pleasing car is available in six trim levels, including the LX, Sport, Sport Special Edition, the EX-L, the Sport 2.0T, and the Touring. In true Honda form, the 2021 Accord offers a host of crowd-pleasing variations. Car and Driver gives the Accord a five-star recommendation this year, complimenting its practicality, affordability, and driving dynamics. 

A dominant class of one


The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Is Actually Pretty Fast Too

Even though the Hyundai Sonata has unique styling, and the Subaru Legacy has incredible reliability and safety, the Honda Accord stands as a breed all on its own. MotorTrend says the Accord is a landslide victor in this comparison and manages to do everything just right. Edmunds has been recommending the Honda Accord for years and says it’s a top pick again for 2021. For the critics, the Accord’s driving character is beyond impressive and still setting the bar high for the midsize sedan segment. 

Add to performance, the 2021 Honda Accord’s style and interior refinement make it a clear victor in this comparison. But again, the right sedan for you will depend on your preferences and style tastes. If you’re looking to make an impression, the Hyundai Sonata’s sleek design might be more important to you. If an all-wheel-drive drivetrain is your priority, the Subaru Legacy may be your best bet. But for everything else, Honda Accord will likely become your new favorite.