The 2021 GMC Hummer EV Might Be Harder to Find Than You Think

The 2021 GMC Hummer EV has gotten a lot of attention over the last few weeks. As everyone thumbs through the photos and gets used to the idea of the new Hummer, there may be a big stumbling block if you want to see one in a showroom. GMC has said that only about half of its dealerships will actually have the Hummer available at the dealership. 

You might think having the Hummer EV would be a great way to bring people to the showroom whether they bought one or not, making every dealership trip over themselves to get one. Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. 

Why wouldn’t the dealerships stock the 2021 Hummer EV?

It is clear to see that the 2021 Hummer EV is not the typical GMC truck. For one, it has 1,000 hp… dayum. For two, its interior electronics and infotainment were designed by a prominent video game platform. Oh, and of course, it is fully electric and sells for over six-figures. Do you see any GMC-ness? It is closer to an Apple computer than is it a GMC Siera. 

Hummer EV at the beach
Hummer EV | GM

Autoblog reports that it may be difficult for prospective buyers to find the Hummer EV for a few reasons. GMC requires that any dealerships that have the Hummer have to be upgraded to charge and service EVs. This requirement makes perfect sense, of course, but it comes at a very high cost of time and money.

The GMC dealerships that aren’t already equipped to sell and service EVs would have to buy new tools and equipment and train their mechanics to be qualified to service EVs. 

What about customer experience?

Autoblog brings up an interesting point that the traditional GMC truck buyer that at a GM dealership would normally cater to is likely a different kind of customer who expects different things than someone looking to buy a luxury six-figure electric SUV. This point in no way disparages traditional GMC buyers.

GMC Hummer EV
GMC Hummer EV | GM

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Many GMC trucks are used to build industrial fleets of working commercial vehicles. They are rugged and generally purpose-built to work. As a result, dealerships are set up to cater to that customer. Aside from EV-specific tools and training, the showrooms themselves will likely need to gussy themselves up to sell vehicles as expensive as the new Hummer EV effectively.

Not your typical GMC truck

At the risk of assuming too much, GMC dealers must weigh the price of upgrading to cater to EV clientele against the likelihood that their customer base, in a specific area, is likely to buy such an expensive luxury item.

Another clash in clientele that GMC dealers will have to contend with; the Hummer EV’s no-haggle pricing. GMC wants the Hummer to play to a more deep-pocketed clientele by saying pushing the narrative that this isn’t a vehicle to haggle price or get a good deal; you either buy it or don’t. GM may not love that possibly oversimplified take, but it’s certainly what that sales strategy feels like. Even with the high price, the first edition Hummer EV slammed through the allotted amount of presales within 2 hours of the release. 

The 2021 Hummer EV is still strange

The first edition 2021 Hummers are priced higher than the base model promised to come out by 2024. The model’s real success will have to wait to be judged once that base model is released around the $80,000 mark. A truck like this is a head-scratcher, it is still unclear exactly who it’s for, but again, the presale reservations went like hotcakes. 

Like most of us, if you are excited to see one in person or test-drive one, you might have to do some searching to find a GMC dealership that has the infrastructure to carry the Hummer.