The 2021 Ford F-450 Platinum Is More Than a Big Performer

A truck‘s style is not typically a huge factor of consideration for the average consumer. Often, the most important thing about a truck looks-wise is how much dirt and dings it can withstand while still getting the job done. Still, one of the latest releases from Ford has already shown that a bit of glamour never hurts. The 2021 Ford F-450 Platinum proves you don’t need to choose between function and fashion

The 2021 Ford F-450 Platinum is ready to perform

The 2020 Ford F-450 won J.D. Power’s Best Heavy-Duty Pickup. This exciting honor set the tone for future releases in the lineup. And the strength of the 2021 model has lived up to those expectations. 

According to Ford, consumers can choose one of the three engines that helped the F-450 rise to the top of its class. From the 7.3-liter V8 — a 2020 debut that provides a rumbling growl but silky-smooth power delivery — to the classic and reliable 6.2-liter version, you truly can’t go wrong. Perhaps most impressive is the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel — a powerhouse capable of producing the staggering numbers associated with the F-450. Figures like 475 hp and 1,050 torque back up the “Super Duty” title without even touching towing capacity

Clearly, the F-450 has proven itself as a top choice for working vehicles. Still, the 2021 model introduced some new exterior features that caught some consumers by surprise. Gone are the days of heavy-duty trucks looking rough and rugged. The 2021 F-450 Platinum is runway-ready. 

This latest F-450 does not sacrifice style for strength


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While the interior of the Ford F-450 does jobs, the exterior drops jaws. Although the Platinum 4WD Crew Cab raises the MSRP to $82,810, the extra $3,000 may pay off in terms of increased versatility. The stunning body upgrades mean this vehicle looks ready to help you finish your work and celebrate with you on a luxury vacation. 

We’re not the only ones taking notice. MotorTrend acknowledged the vehicle on a list of the best-looking vehicles to hit the road in the coming years. As that publication put it: “The 2021 Ford F-450 Platinum 4×4 is a dead-sexy beast of a pickup.” 

“Sexy beast” isn’t exactly an apt description for a vehicle, but we get the point. This F-450 comes standard with impressive exterior features without losing the classic muscle that truck drivers expect. Chrome door handles and a satin aluminum grille add bling, while the front and rear bumpers blend with the truck’s body color perfectly. 

Many big-brand trucks are getting makeovers

It would appear the F-450 Platinum is just the latest in an industry trend toward more fashion-forward trucks. Ford’s model was just one of three trucks on the best-looking list. It was joined by the 2021 GMC Canyon and 2021 RAM 1500 TRX — the latter also clinching MotorTrend Truck of the Year. Apparently, as these trucks become more luxurious, they’re not getting any less love. 

Beyond preferring style, consumers are also trending toward bigger vehicles — more spacious cabs, higher wheels, and greater power to tow massive loads. At the same time, buyers are paying more attention to fuel-efficiency for the sake of the environment and their wallets. The days when gas-guzzling, grizzly vehicles were the ultimate status symbol may be dwindling. Though the F-450 seems innovative right now, it could be the standard in a few years.