The 2021 Ford F-250 Failed to Address Any of Consumer Reports’ Complaints

The Ford F-250 isn’t a favorite among critics. In fact, it often takes a beating in reviews. Consumers also tend to ignore it in favor of the Ford F-150.

And Consumer Reports had a lot to say about the 2021 F-250. Many of the complaints are the same as those for the 2020 model, so Ford hasn’t made any major changes to address this. Still, do heavy-duty-truck lovers really care?

The 2021 Ford F-250 didn’t impress Consumer Reports

The Ford F-250 is a staff favorite with Consumer Reports, but that didn’t save it from getting slammed in some key areas. The overall review was positive, but CR couldn’t ignore some problems.

One of the biggest complaints the consumer site had was maneuverability. “While going in a straight line is one thing, piloting this behemoth in corners is another matter,” CR reported. “Handling, in a word, is clumsy, and this monster truck is reluctant to turn. Overall maneuverability is horrid, and the turning circle is laughably huge.”

Another issue with the Ford F-250 is its ground clearance. It comes with a running board, but even that isn’t enough to help shorter passengers get in without having to heave themselves. The body is also too wide, so parking in a regular space isn’t easy. 

Yet another other major issue was the Ford F-250’s braking ability. It’s no easy feat to bring this giant to a halt. For drivers accustomed to tapping the brakes to slow down, this truck poses a major learning curve. There’s no stopping on a dime in this truck.

The 2020 Ford F-250 suffered from the same complaints

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The same issues with the 2021 model plagued the 2020 Ford F-250. Consumer Reports thought last year’s model was also a pain to turn. The steering wheel seemed like it lagged and took forever to do what a driver could do in a smaller vehicle.

And the braking system was horrendous. Drivers who had to stop suddenly were shocked to learn that the 2020 F-250 took quite a distance to slow. 

Parking was another issue because of the truck’s size. The 2020 F-250 definitely wasn’t designed with parking lots in mind.

Will consumers balk at the 2021 model?

Even though Consumer Reports makes some valid points, many heavy-duty-truck drivers won’t care. They are more than aware of what they’re buying and probably have enough experience driving with a heavy load that it shouldn’t be an issue. If not, they’ll quickly learn.

One of Consumer Reports’ biggest issues was maneuverability. But the review site admitted most heavy-duty truck owners expect this. They know they aren’t driving a smooth-riding coupe that’ll whip around curves.

The size also isn’t an issue for most heavy-duty-truck owners. Many want the larger size. They also don’t mind parking because it’s something they learned to adjust to.

Braking can be an issue, but again, heavy-duty-truck owners are aware of that and take it into consideration while driving. Overall, the F-250 has its issues, but most drivers won’t mind.