The 2021 Ford F-150 Is Even Better Than We Expected

I know that you know all the features of the new 2021 Ford F-150. It has been covered to the moon and back, but is it really any good? Like we know, it has a generator, cool engine options, and is pretty strong, but what is it really like to drive? The Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra and trucks like that all have plenty of specs, but the realities of everyday use can be less glamorous. Has Ford really given us a new truck with the 2021 F-150, or is it just bells and whistles? 

Is the 2021 Ford F-150 a good truck? 

Well, the folks at Autoblog sure think so. According to their assessment of the F-150, Ford has addressed as many aspects of the truck as possible without making it a completely different model. Despite the mostly unchanged body design, familiar engines, and the boxed frame, the 2021 Ford- F-150 is an exciting and fresh offering. 

As far as the steering and suspension components are concerned, not much has changed. However, Ford did widen the tread width and lower the truck by a fraction of an inch. This, along with enhanced engine and transmission mounts for a more stable ride. The front suspension got a new stabilizer bar; the rear suspension got monotube shocks and new leaf springs. The list of boring tweaks goes on and on, but the result is a truck that is far better to drive than the previous one. 

What new features did Ford give the F-150?

Like most trucks, the F-150 comes in a plethora of trims spanning from bleak and work-minded to a cabin slathered in buttery leathers and open-pored wood trimming. One of the more noticeable interior features is the massive new 12-inch infotainment screen on the upper trim levels. This thing is closer to a laptop screen than your typical truck interface. 

An image of a 2021 Ford F-150 outdoors.
2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid | Ford

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As far as interior space is concerned, does it really matter? It’s huge. Anything with an extended cab or crew cab these days is going to be positively huge. The F-150 follows suit. According to Autoblog, the six-passenger option is massive. The seats fold up and down, offering more people or hauling room, whichever you prefer. 

It has a super functional bed and tailgate

The Tailgate is now a fully-functioning part of trucks expected to house gear and even become gear itself. The F-150 tailgate steps up to its newly found responsibilities in two ways. The first is, the tailgate has a fold-out step ladder to help folks in and out of the bed. The second is a bit more unique. The bed has power outlets because the 2021 F-150 also has an onboard power generator. I’ve covered the generator’s capabilities here, but the long and the short of it is, it is the single coolest feature any truck has ever had. Period. 

Is the 2021 Ford F-150 good to drive every day?

Here is where most trucks inevitably fall off. Trucks are typically meant to haul serious weight. As a result of that, the suspensions are set up to work under heavy loads. The problem is not everyone carries a heavy load often, and even if you do, the times your truck isn’t hauling, it is miserable to drive. Stiff suspensions and no weight in the back lead to a bouncy ride that shakes you and the truck to pieces. 

As I said earlier, there are too many variations of the F-150 to go through each. Still, Autoblog said that of all the models they tested, the PowerBoost was not only the best powerplant, but the truck was the best overall for every-day use that they have ever tested. The word on the street is, it drives more like an SUV than a truck. The F-150 PowerBoost hybrid is responsive, technological, smart, easy to handle, comfortable, modern, and powerful. 

For the first time, it finally feels like the Ford F-150 is deserving of being the no. 1 truck in America. It feels good to not feel like a contrarian for once.