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Sometimes, at least to the critics, an automaker misses an opportunity to make a significant improvement to one of its model’s designs. Maybe it’s a tech upgrade that competitors are already offering or a lacking driver assistance feature. And the 2021 Ford Edge might be the latest vehicle to fall into this category.

As the reviews and critic evaluations pour in, some are speculating that Ford could have missed a great upgrade opportunity in 2021.

Autotrader weighs in with a review of the 2021 Ford Edge

One of the latest reviews comes from the critics at Autotrader. And the initial overviews seem positive for the 2021 Ford Edge.

It’s been a while since this SUV has had a substantial makeover, but there are a few notable improvements for this model year. Autotrader applauds the crossover’s ST trim, oversized wheels, and exterior styling. 

There are a few new features for the 2021 model, including the acoustic laminated glass, making for a super-quiet ride. The 2021 Ford Edge is getting two new paint options, and rear parking sensors are standard across all trim levels.

The ST version now has a heated steering wheel, along with a six-way power-adjustable front passenger seat. Despite all the new amenities, the Edge does seem to lack in one key area.

The one major complaint the critics cite

There are a couple of complaints with the 2021 Ford Edge. Autotrader points out the seat cushions are lacking in definition and shape. And the big setback is the Edge’s poor use of space.

Despite its substantial size, there isn’t a third row. The Ford Edge seats five comfortably, but the blue oval automaker might have missed an opportunity for increased seating capacity since the Edge provides plenty of room and size to incorporate a third row.

But is it really a bad thing?

It is reminiscent of that Seinfeld episode when Kramer adopts a highway and paints over the lines to reduce a four-lane stretch of roadway into two lanes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Kramer said drivers should be able to have bigger lanes to enjoy spaciousness during their drives. He wanted drivers to enjoy the room to move on his adopted mile.

The 2021 Ford Edge is like Kramer’s roomy highway lane. It is big enough to have a third row but doesn’t, and all that potentially wasted space certainly makes the Edge feel roomy and more spacious.

And that lack of third-row compromise means there is tons of passenger and cargo room for the five passengers it does accommodate. If you desperate for a Ford SUV that has a third row there is always the Explorer or Expedition.

In a way, the Edge doesn’t really need a third row and can offer an abundance of cargo and spaciousness for the occupants it can seat.

Plenty to love about the 2021 Ford Edge

Even though it hasn’t had a redesign since 2015, there is plenty to love about the 2021 Ford Edge. You’ll have robust engine selections, for fuel economy or power, whichever you prefer.

Ford Co-Pilot 360 is now standard across all trims, and the infotainment gets a major boost. The Sync 4A comes with over-the-air updates, voice recognition, a 12-inch touchscreen, and wireless integrations.

The interior feels premium, and the ride is luxurious and confident. There are plenty of safety extras, and the price points make this crossover an affordable family addition.

If you need a third row, the Ford Edge isn’t for you. But if a five-passenger crossover with the latest tech, upscale materials, and unique styling sounds good, this 2021 model is worth a look. Ford may have missed an opportunity to use the Edge’s extra room to put in a third row. But it may not need one anyway.


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