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It’s no secret that due to the ongoing pandemic, supplies have been scarce as of late. While toilet paper and water are the most obvious, supplies for automakers have been hard to find as well. And what many may not be considering is that the coronavirus isn’t entirely to blame.

The UAW strike had widespread consequences that affected more than just GM. Many companies that make parts for automakers like GM felt the heat as well as much of Michigan’s economy. The strike worked out well for GM workers, but no one could have predicted the coronavirus following so swiftly on its heels.

Many auto plants have been shut down due to COVID-19, which naturally cuts off supplies. This makes producing vehicles and hospital gowns that much harder. Still, Ford makes a courageous decision to help the country even as the American automaker might be going up in flames. Still, Ford may find a new calling in making medical supplies. 

With the coronavirus sweeping the world, many companies are having to shelf it’s own priorities, and step up to the plate to help make medical supplies. That’s what Ford is doing. It’s an American company that might be on the verge of bankruptcy, but it’s using some of its precious resources to make hospital gowns.

It’s not the first time a company has stepped up to help out others in a time of crisis, but the fact that Ford is doing so at a time when it’s not performing well shows a lot of character. Here’s what Motor Trend said about how parts for the 2021 Ford Bronco are being used to create hospital gowns.

Why Ford needs the 2021 Ford Bronco to perform well

Ford may be doing an amazing thing for our hospital workers, but it still needs to think of what happens once the pandemic is over. If Ford is going to survive, it needs to have a vehicle besides its truck division that is bringing in sales. The Ford Bronco may be able to do that, if Ford is able to produce it, of course. 

Bringing it back is like bringing back a piece of history. Many former owners may buy it simply to have that nostalgic feeling we’ve all been missing. Car and Driver reports that it will come complete with removable doors and roof, which will finally give the legendary Wrangler some decent competition. Review sites are psyched to see what the new Bronco will look like. 

The real kicker here is that Ford is using the supplies it needs to make the Bronco on medical supplies. It’s clear enough which has a higher priority, but Ford has a huge place in American culture, not to mention the many jobs it provides. Ford doesn’t think this will be an issue, but it definitely has its work cut out for it.

Ford makes hospital gowns?

In the meantime, Ford has pivoted to also producing medical equipment that hospitals desperately need. Currently, hospital gowns are a higher priority than new automobiles. Doctors and nurses are in desperate need of them, and Ford has decided to help out in any way it can. Since many of its plants are already shut down, it was only a matter of shuffling things around. They expect to make 75,000 gowns per week. 

Hospital gowns are definitely a priority, but that’s not the only medical supply that Ford is making. It’s also producing a new powered air-purifying respirator.

On top of that, Ford has also decided to help make much-desired test kits. MotorTrend reports,

“Another Ford effort involved helping Thermo Fisher Scientific expand its production of sample-collection kits to test patients for viral infection.”

Ford has really gone above and beyond the call of duty, and hospital workers everywhere will reap the benefits.