The 2021 Chevy Traverse Received Plenty of Praise From Consumer Reports

The new year brings with it plenty of SUV models. You’ll find a range of choices that offer quiet rides, fuel efficiency, and plenty of cargo space. One you shouldn’t overlook is the 2021 Chevy Traverse, a promising midsize crossover. Reviewers claim it can compete with the likes of the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, and Chevy Suburban.

Consumer Reports likes this year’s Traverse. But a few things took away from its experience. What did CR’s reviewers like about it? What disappointed them? 

What to like about the 2021 Chevy Traverse

Consumer Reports’ reviewers generally liked the 2021 Chevy Traverse. There were quite a few things that impressed them with this model. Cargo space is one of them. They liked that there was plenty of room to haul just about anything. Chevy placed a storage bin that sits on the floor in the back, covered by the carpeting. 

Another thing they enjoyed about the Chevy Traverse was the little hidden storage spaces found throughout the cabin. Not only do you have cup holders and a console bin, but there’s also a nice cubby space located behind the touchscreen on the dash. 

Getting in and out of the Traverse is a breeze. Consumer Reports said the front and rear openings are both huge, so there’s no struggling to maneuver into the back seats. 

What does the Chevy Traverse offer?

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As for specs, the 2020 Traverse has a 3.6-liter V6 engine that offers quick acceleration times. For the 0-60 run, this Chevy clocks 7.3 seconds, one of the fastest in its segment, Consumer Reports said. 

Though it’s not equipped for off-roading, the Chevy Traverse has a decent suspension that can handle rough, bumpy surfaces. The longer wheelbase keeps it on an even keel, preventing body lean. Plus, it can tow up to 5,000 pounds, perfect for hauling a trailer or your favorite ATV.

The Traverse’s infotainment system offers just enough applications to make your drive easier. The eight-inch screen allows you to access Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a navigational program, and other useful apps. 

Where does it fail?

Despite all the praise for the new Chevy Traverse, Consumer Reports gave it an overall score of only 69. There were a few things the reviewers didn’t like, which caused them to feel that it just wasn’t quite where it could be. 

One thing that disappointed them was the fuel economy. The Traverse manages only 14 mpg in the city, which is pretty low even for a large SUV. When traveling on the highway, it gets as much as 28 mpg, about average. But other rivals are more fuel-efficient. 

The other area that drove their point system down on the Chevy was its predicted reliability. The Traverse has seen too many problems in the past, some pretty serious. The climate system plagued it for four of its model years before finally improving. 

The suspension also wreaked havoc on the Chevy Traverse for four consecutive years. Then there are the electrical problems that occurred a few times. And last, some of the power equipment gave drivers a few headaches. 

Also, for the price you pay for this midsize SUV, there’s not enough luxuriousness. The Traverse’s interior has too many hard plastic parts mixed in with the finer materials. Plus, you get only two-way lumbar seats in the front. One competitor offers a four-way.

Overall, the 2021 Chevy Traverse has some drawbacks you’ll need to consider before buying. However, if those aren’t key factors in your decision-making, this Chevy might be a great fit for you and your family.