The 2021 Chevy Suburban Is as American as They Come

While many cars sold in America are built in America, some cars embody the American spirit more than others. One of those cars is the Chevrolet Suburban, and not only is it a well-known brand name, but it’s also built by a well-known American company. Here’s a look at the 2021 Chevy Suburban and just how truly American of a car it is. 

Chevy is one of the last American automakers

For car lovers, this isn’t really news, but most people don’t know that the Big Three is no more. For decades, Ford, Cherolet, and Chrysler dominated the American car market, but Chrysler, in recent years, merged with other automakers.

Nowadays, Chrysler is owned by Stellantis, which is a multinational corporation that controls brands like Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Maserati, and Ram. As such, Ford and Chevy are now the only two major American automakers, and their long history of being owned by Americans will probably live on.

Like other major automakers, Chevy has dipped its fingers into many different segments of the auto industry. Due to that, there are simply so many iconic Chevy models out there, but the most famous will have to be the likes of the Corvette, the Camaro, and the Silverado. With that being said, another iconic Chevrolet model is the Chevy Suburban. In fact, it might be more iconic than most people think.

The 85 years of the Chevy Suburban

Like U.S. News wrote, the 2021 model year of the Chevy Suburban features a complete overhaul of the SUV. However, it isn’t the first time that the Suburban’s been redesigned, and it probably won’t be the last. Indeed, according to U.S. News, the Suburban is the longest-running car name in the U.S. since it’s been around for over 85 years. 

The Suburban has been around since the 1930s, and just like its name implies, it’s an SUV that was practically designed for the suburban family. Even back in those days, the Suburban was a pretty large car that could accommodate a lot of people. This seems to have been Chevy’s goal with the Suburban, as, throughout the years, the Suburban has maintained its status as being one of the larger cars on the road. 

It took a few decades before the Suburban started looking like the big SUV that many people are familiar with today. Since then, however, Chevy has doubled down on the size factor and made the Suburban bigger and more powerful than before. It’s not a flawless SUV, but the latest Suburbans are still very popular cars for several reasons.

Why the 2021 Chevy Suburban is great


The Smooth-Riding 2021 Chevy Suburban Diesel Impressed Popular Mechanics

Just like the Suburbans of the past, the 2021 Chevy Suburban is big enough to carry the whole family and then some. It’s a three-row SUV, so it can carry either seven or eight passengers depending on the configuration. All passengers should be very comfortable, however, since there’s plenty of passenger space, according to U.S. News. 

There’s also plenty of cargo capacity since U.S. News wrote that it has almost 145 cu. ft. of cargo space with all rear seats folded. Space isn’t the only thing that’s big in a Suburban, as there’s also a standard 10.2-inch touchscreen display as well as many other standard features. For example, U.S. News said that a Wi-Fi hotspot, an automatic emergency braking system, and a pedestrian detection system were all some of the Suburban’s standard features.

And of course, such a big SUV needs a pretty big engine too. The Suburban has three engine options, a standard 5.3-liter V8, a 6.2-liter V8, and a 3.0-liter diesel engine. These are all powerful yet thirsty engines, but U.S. News wrote that when properly equipped, the Chevy Suburban can tow up to 8,300-pounds.