The 2021 Chevrolet Traverse Might Be the Most Comfortable Vehicle Under $30,000

Driving hundreds of miles can be exhausting, but so can traveling in one of the passenger seats. Some vehicles make the drive comfortable, so you focus on the scenery and not your sore back. The 2021 Chevy Traverse is one of the best SUVs that enables you to handle long drives easier. 

Kelley Blue Book recently compiled a list of 10 vehicles that offer a comfortable ride and cost less than $30,000. Here’s what KBB used to determine which models made the cut and why the Chevy Traverse came out on top.

What makes a vehicle comfortable according to Kelley Blue Book?

When Kelley Blue Book compiled this list, it used certain factors to evaluate each model. Those factors include how comfortable the seats were and if they offered extra features such as heaters and coolers. 

The vehicle should offer a pleasant ride regardless of the road surface. Someone planning to travel thousands of miles doesn’t want to experience all the bumps and dips in the road’s surface most of the way. 

Another important factor in whether a vehicle is comfortable is roominess. The more room for passengers to stretch out, the better the ride, especially on long drives. This goes for headroom and legroom. 

What makes the Chevy Traverse so comfortable?

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The 2021 Chevrolet Traverse not only made the list but also came in at number one. That’s for a few reasons. One, the Traverse can seat up to seven or eight passengers, so you can easily travel with a larger family or with friends. 

Second, this Chevy is roomy. There’s plenty of space for fidgety kids to move around in their seats while still buckled up. In fact, Kelley Blue Book considers the Traverse best in its class when it comes to a roomy cabin. 

Another great feature is that the Chevy Traverse deals well with noise. Engine, road, and wind noises are kept to a minimum or are nonexistent. Riding in this SUV is one of the quieter rides you’ll experience, especially for an SUV.

The last feature listed by KBB is the second row of SmartSlide seats. This design enables passengers to access the third row without climbing over the second-row seats or squeezing behind them to get back there. 

Which other brands did Chevy beat?

The vehicle that came in second place behind the Chevy Traverse was the 2021 Chrysler Voyager. This minivan — built much like its sister, the Pacifica — is one of the most affordable vehicles on the list, coming in under $30,000. With its stow-and-go seating, the Voyager offers more than enough room for storage. Plus, it frees up space to sit comfortably in the back. 

Number six is the Honda Accord, which is one of five sedans on the list. The Accord has always been favored when it comes to comfort. It continually offers responsive steering and handling, making long drives smooth and enjoyable.

The Kia K5 sedan rolls onto the list at number 10. This car comes with premium and sporty trim levels to choose from. The interior offers lots of headroom, high-quality materials, and plenty of tech features, adding some spice to the ride. 

But the Chevy Traverse topped them all. This SUV comes with all you need to make driving long distances smooth and comfortable. The fact that this full-size crossover comes with a price tag under $30,000 makes it even more amazing.