The 2021 Cadillac Escalade Touts Ridiculous Screen Technology

You haven’t seen screen technology until you’ve sat behind the wheel of the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade. This SUV will be the very first to come out with a curved OLED screen, and it’s not pulling any punches. At a jaw-dropping 38 inches wide, the new screen in this Escalade borders on ridiculously huge. Here’s everything we know about the new tech, as reported by MotorTrend.

A brand-new screen experience

As it turns out, the enormous 38-inch screen is actually three separate screens, all curving around the front of the driver’s seat. The first, located to the far left, is a 7.2-inch driver control touchscreen. This is followed by a 14.2-inch cluster display screen right behind the wheel, and a 16.9-inch infotainment touchscreen in the center of the dash. Curved screens like this are not at all prevalent yet, meaning that the Cadillac Escalade is making its way into some uncharted territory

In addition to being unprecedentedly wide, the Escalade’s OLED screen is also located higher than we would typically expect. According to the automaker, this is an effort to make it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road while glancing periodically at the screens for information. The screens are also particularly high contrast in order to increase visibility even on bright afternoons.

What exactly do the screens display?

The cluster display screen, which sits right in front of the driver, always features a tachometer, odometer, and fuel gauge at the bottom. There are also four different cluster display modes that can be featured prominently in the center of the screen.

The standard display is the gauge view. This will be the most familiar, as it displays a standard speedometer with analog styling. On either side of the speedometer, you’ll find typical information such as the date, time, and temperature, as well as various infotainment options. If you choose any of the other cluster displays, the speedometer will shrink down and move to the top of the screen.

The second available cluster display is the navigation map mode, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — it displays your navigation map as you drive. Perhaps more interesting is the third display option: augmented reality.

Although it sounds like something straight out of a science fiction book, the Escalade’s augmented reality system is as real as ever. This display shows a live camera view of the street in front of you when you’re about to receive a new route instruction from your GPS. The image will feature arrows to show you where to turn, and you’ll also hear an audio prompt coming from the direction you’ll be turning.

The final screen option is night vision, which provides you with an enhanced view of the darkened streets. You’ll be able to see brightly colored boxes around pedestrians and animals, ostensibly making it easier for you to react to dangers in your path.

What we know about the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

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The new Cadillac Escalade’s standard engine will be an upgraded 6.2-liter V8 that makes 420 hp. However, it will also offer an optional 3.0-liter Duramax I-6 turbodiesel that will make 277 hp. As with many Cadillac models, the Escalade will be available in both luxury and sport options.

This SUV will also feature a fairly advanced Super Cruise system, MotorTrend reports. This semi-autonomous driver-assist system features sensors, 360-degree cameras, radar, and map data of 200,000 miles of highways in order to provide enhanced assistance such as on-demand lane change.

All in all, the 2021 Cadillac Escalade’s new technology is certainly advanced and has the potential to be fairly game-changing — even if its giant OLED screen does look a little over the top.