The 2021 Bronco is Already Being Promised in Custom Saleen Form

The 2021 Ford Bronco launched 24 hours ago, and already a tuner is promising a custom version will be available from them. It does not take long for tuners to jump behind a promising product and prepare to customize a vehicle. The Bronco is certainly a promising offroad vehicle, and its recent launch also has the tuner community buzzing with ideas. Saleen Automotive wasted no time to put out a rendering with their proposed 2021 Bronco upgrades.

A gold and white 2021 Bronco looks race prepared.
The 2021 Saleen Big Oly Bronco | Saleen Automotive

Who is Saleen Automotive

Saleen has been around since the 1980s. It has undergone several changes and is now organized as Saleen Automotive. Throughout that time, the California company has been producing high-performance components for Ford products. Initially, the Mustang received a lot of attention. But, over time, Ford pickups also began receiving various engine and exterior upgrades. But, the company is not all about Fords. It also produces its own cars.

The 2021 Bronco temptation

Apparently, the Bronco’s temptation proved so attractive that Saleen set to work right away to come up with something it could do for the platform. Saleen already has a rich racing history, and so does the new Ford SUV. So, it seems those were enough for the company to quickly put a rendering together of what they envision for a Saleen Bronco to look like.

The rear of a gold and white 2021 Bronco looks race prepared.
The 2021 Saleen Big Oly Bronco | Saleen Automotive

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The Saleen Big Oly Bronco

The 2021 Saleen Big Oly Bronco you see here is a massaged Ford machine. Look closely, and bulging front and rear fenders are apparent. So, are a custom front bumper, rear tire carrier cage, and a custom light bar up top. Let us not forget the custom hood and big adjustable spoiler in the back as well. Strangely, there is no mention of a suspension package upgrade on the website, or engine upgrades. Finally, the offroader is dressed in the race livery of the Big Oly Bronco from the Baja 1000 races of yesteryear.

Timing is up in the air

The Saleen website indicates the Big Oly Bronco is coming soon. However, no target date is mentioned. Once tuners receive the vehicles it does not take them long to put something together. So, if the SUV arrives in the Spring as anticipated, expect there to be a rolling version of this beast presented within a few months. But, sometimes tuners receive pre-production copies for them to use in measuring out their products. If that is the case, then the Big Oly Bronco could appear even sooner.

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Others will come to the Bronco party soon

All the interest in the new Ford Bronco means that other tuners are probably working up their own renderings as well. The Bronco is hot right now, and it will certainly see a lot of companies eager to showcase their products on the offroad legend. So, it will probably not be long before we start seeing announcements from other organizations like Shelby, Roush, and others. If the SEMA show is actually held this year, then there will probably be some of the new convertible pre-production SUVs there, and possibly a Saleen.