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Luxury cars are the haute couture of the automotive industry. Driving down the avenue in your brand-new top-of-the-line vehicle can easily feel like walking the red carpet of the Met Gala. So what happens when a luxury line takes off the tuxedo and goes sporty? Does that take away from the elegance of your ride, or does it signify a new era of fashion? The 2021 BMW X2 seeks to answer this question by significantly dressing down with its latest package.

The new 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition differs from M models as it focuses more on appearance than the performance itself. BMW announced it will be releasing this new sporty special edition trim level for the 2021 X2 in November. 

Notably, this model will not be limited, so anyone who wants to enjoy a BMW SUV’s luxuries in a more casual attire will have the opportunity to do so. This package is only available on 2021 BMW X2 sDrive28i and xDrive28i models.

The 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition Gets a Splash of Color 

2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition on display in front of a gray and black background
2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition on display | Photo via BMW

If you’ve been looking for a BMW SUV that matches your golf bag, the 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition is for you.

Luxury vehicles usually express understated sophistication – typically with colors such as black, white, burgundy, or grey. However, the M Mesh Edition bucks the trend with exclusive grey metallic paint and a splash of orange accent in the wheels. Alternatively, buyers can choose Alpine White, Phytonic Blue, Black Sapphire, or Sunset Orange.

In the international version, sweeping orange decals can be found gracing the edges of this new sleek design. However, this feature is sadly unavailable in the United States for now. It wouldn’t be shocking to see this design grace further BMW models in the future should the 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition perform well in sales across the globe. 

Its sportswear-style exterior is enhanced even further with an M Mesh kidney grille and sporty 19-inch wheels. Inside, you’ll find exclusive M Mesh Edition badging and M sport seats draped in leather upholstery.

This isn’t the first time BMW dressed the X2 in a bold color, as the SUV’s standard trim levels can be painted in extravagant Galvanic Gold.

Is the 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition as high-octane as it looks? 

Does the 2021 BMW X2 M Mesh Edition’s performance live up to its sporty look? Well, it doesn’t offer the height of performance that the 2021 X2 offers. That honor belongs to the lightning-quick X2 M35i. However, it’s plenty sporty enough for the average driver.

Its powertrain is based upon the sDrive28i and xDrive28i platforms, which utilizes a 228-hp 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, the M Mesh Edition package gives drivers the option for a more hands-on approach to driving by adding steering wheel paddle shifters.

All-in-all, this package won’t significantly change the driving experience compared to the base model. However, its visual enhancements help reflect the SUV’s natural athletic capabilities.

Does this package make it across the finish line?

The M Mesh Edition brings a fresh exterior to the table for the 2021 model year. It sets itself apart from other luxury SUVs with its splashes of color, performance-geared textiles, and innovative use of accessories. 

However, those looking for an SUV that performs like a sport’s car would be better off choosing the 2021 X2 M35i. The BMW X2 M Mesh Edition emulates a sports car’s look while maintaining the drivability of the luxury vehicle. 


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