The 2020 Volvo XC40 is an Underrated Luxury SUV

Buying a brand new SUV can be quite a financial obligation, and with most car owners having their cars for several years, if not more, buyers want to know they are getting an option they won’t regret later on. The Volvo XC40 is an underrated option for a luxury SUV, and it is surprisingly affordable. If you’re looking to buy a brand new compact SUV that offers just as much luxury as it does practicality, the XC40 might not be the first option that comes to mind, but it should definitely be on your list of cars to test drive.

The luxurious XC40

Upon first glance, the XC40 has striking designs. The sleek headlights with day running lights make the car look modern and aggressive, while the Volvo badge sits nestled in a minimal grille. The XC40 has more traditional, boxy body lines than some of the newer sporty slick-back SUVs like the BMW X4. The blacked-out roof and body pillars give the car an even sportier appearance, and the design of the interior is no disappointment either.

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in attends the launch of Volvo XC40
The Volvo XC40 | Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images

Inside of the Volvo XC40 is a surprisingly spacious cabin with comfortable seats. The center console features a large infotainment screen and otherwise minimal designing to give it a modern yet symmetrical appearance. The back seats also offer plenty of space and legroom for a compact SUV.

More to offer still

Under the hood is a well-meaning turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine that provides around 248hp — varying slightly by trim. Pressing on the accelerator provides a zippy experience, with a 0 – 60mph time of 7.3 seconds. The engine does make a gritty and sometimes concerning sound that is noticeable from inside the car, but chances are you’re not sitting in your car completely silent and able to hear it.

The Volvo XC40 is exposed at the 97th Brussels Motor Show
The Volvo XC40 | Didier Messens/Getty Images

Respected Critics Disagree Over the 2020 Volvo XC40

There have been a few complaints about the SUVs suspension being too rough for a car of its class, and the steering isn’t as responsive as many drivers would prefer, leaving this sporty-looking car with a less than enthusiastic driving experience. The automatic start-stop system is slow and jolty, being one of the more unpleasant features of the car that most owners claim they’d rather go without.

Regardless of smaller problems the Volvo XC40 is still a great SUV for a great price. Regardless of the manufacturer’s varying lineup of priced luxury vehicles the Volvo brand isn’t all that common, which is one factor that makes it stand out just a little bit more.