The 2020 Volkswagen Jetta Is Underrated In Every Way

This year, Volkswagen’s line-up for the 2020 models is competitive, sporty, and they have a lot to offer. With SUVs like the Tiguan and sporty sedans like the Arteon, it’s easy to forget about the manufacturer’s staples, but this year’s Jetta shouldn’t be swept under the rug. The low price might lead you to believe that the Jetta is a lower-end model, but it has a lot to offer for an affordable price, and it’s pretty underrated.

Everything it has to offer

You can buy the base model Jetta for a sticker price of $18,895 or pick higher trim levels and performance packages that max out at a still reasonable price of $27,945. They’re practical, they’re fuel-efficient, and they have a lot to offer regardless of which trim level you pick.

All trim levels share a 1.4L 4-cylinder engine that offers a competitive fuel economy, with a reported average of 30mpg in the city and 40mpg on the highway. The engine delivers 147hp regardless of trim, which doesn’t sound like too much, but it offers a pretty snappy acceleration that makes your daily commute more pleasant without having to handle a race car in heavy commuter traffic.

2020 Volkswagen Jetta SEL Premium | Volkswagen

When it comes to the Jetta, Volkswagen didn’t trade style for convenience. The sporty front end makes it stand out from other sedans in the same price range and the sharp LED headlights and taillights make the car looks very high-end.

Even cooler is the Volkswagen Car-Net app that allows you to control your Jetta remotely with your phone. From the app, you can remotely start the car – perfect for hot summer days or cold winter nights, lock and unlock the doors, keep track off the car’s location and data when the new driver in the family takes it out for a drive and a lot of other cool features.

That’s all great, but here’s the real fun

For 2020 model years, we’ve come to expect a lot, and we are unwilling to compromise. The Volkswagen Jetta looks good, it’s practical, and it offers great fuel economy for a fun driving experience, but as much as we like to look at our cars, we spend more time on the inside – and this is where the Jetta really shines.

The Jetta is packed with cool tech and safety features that you’d expect to see in much more expensive models. For safety, you get adaptive cruise control for stress-free highway driving, blind-spot monitoring to help you navigate traffic, high beam control for oncoming traffic and pedestrian safety, and a number of other features to enhance your driving experience.

2020 Volkswagen Jetta SEL Interior | Volkswagen

The interior is decked out with a 10-inch digital display that can be completely customized for up to four drivers and can display anything from speed to full-screen navigation. That pairs with the 8-inch touch screen infotainment system with App-Connect.

The new Volkswagen Jetta is the ultimate daily driver, and they are so affordable brand new that they are a great option for the price. They offer a lot of features you see in more expensive cars, and the style and luxury you dream of without the sticker price.


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