The 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Leads the Segment in 1 Important Area

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport has received some mixed reviews for a variety of reasons. From an underpowered engine to a clunky design, the SUV has plenty to be concerned about for potential buyers. However, there might not be a better option for those who value space above all else than the Atlas Cross Sport. Here, the car has a distinct advantage over the rest of the competition

What is the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport? 

A crossover SUV with a four-cylinder turbo 2.0-liter TSI engine, 235 hp, and 24 miles per gallon, the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is hoping to hit the spot for people who have to travel a lot with a heavy load of either passengers or cargo. The five-person car is one of the forerunners of the ever-growing crossover market and for a good reason.

With several options, including a coming home device, trunk liners, compass, and trunk liner, the car hopes to give its users exactly what they want. It comes in five different colors, from black pearl to metallic blue. The standard brakes are equipped with their assist system, with an electronic handbrake for good measure. It features lots of flexibility, more features than you know what to do with, and several safety objects for those concerned about all the potential mishaps.

Overall, the car is an SUV owner’s dream, and while the engine and design of the vehicle have received some pushback, it’s an adequate car that sells for $30,000 and counting on the market. However, for those looking for space when they drive, this car might be their go-to option. 

Lost in space 


It’s Clear Who Should Buy a Volkswagen Atlas and Who Should Buy a Honda Pilot

In a review of the crossover SUV that expressed several issues with the exterior and the overall design of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, MotorTrend’s Alisa Priddle took particular notice of its interior. While the other car complaints were legitimate, Priddle didn’t have a bad word to say about the car’s interior, which offers more punch than one might expect.

With nearly 78 cubic feet of space inside and fold down seats, this car might be the perfect transportation for those who need to fit as much as possible into their purchase. The seats go down completely flat, meaning that a vast majority of the space behind the driver and passenger seat can be loaded to the brim with whatever they need to carry to their destination. 

If something requires a little more care, the car also comes with some cubbies that can hold smaller items like a gallon of milk to keep it from splashing everywhere with a violent turn. With the seats up, it gives each person inside plenty of room, with a 12-volt power outlet providing proper charging for those on long trips or commutes. 

With so many people needing the extra space, these features cannot and should not go unnoticed. Although the Atlas Cross might not be the perfect car, it is ideal for those who value space over engine power and exterior design. From comfy room to plenty of options and an infotainment system to spare, the Atlas Cross will fill the needs of those with a particular set of expectations for their car. 

Should you get the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport? 

If someone is looking for a powerful car where performance is the top priority, there might be better options for them out there on the market. However, for those looking for space above all else, they will not find a better choice than the Volkswagen Atlas Cross. Whether they are towing home a car full of furniture or a car full of guests, few vehicles offer the luxury of space and versatility like the Cross Sport does. 

For that, it is the greatest option for those who need more space in their lives.