The 2020 Toyota Sequoia Is a Rollover Risk

Large SUVs are useful, powerful, and can handle large towing jobs, but they can be a little scary on the road. The larger the vehicle – like the large Toyota Sequoia – the higher the risk when it comes to rollover accidents. However, with modern technology, automakers are constantly figuring out ways to make their large SUVs just a little bit safer to drive in.

U.S. News came up with a list of the safest large SUVs on the market based on the data they pulled. The Toyota Sequoia falls last on that list. Let’s look at how the list came together, which SUVs are on it, and what made the Toyota Sequoia come in last. 

How U.S. News put this list together

Coming up with a list of the safest large SUVs is a bit difficult to do. None of them have had a complete crash test done, but most have had partial tests completed. The NHTSA performed the tests that U.S. News has taken into account for this list. IIHS has tested none of them as of yet. 

So, for this list of the safest large SUVs, they took the test data they had from NHTSA and added other information, like standard safety features, and the availability of optional features as well. Each utility vehicle has a score given to them by U.S. News, which helps to sort out which ones performed the best overall in the safety department. 

You’ll find vehicles that have some desired features, like parking sensors, forward collision warnings, and automatic emergency braking as standard equipment. Others have automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers as either options or as standard features on higher trims. 

Which SUVs made the list besides the Toyota Sequoia?

The SUV that received the highest score from them is the Ford Expedition. This sport utility vehicle went through rigorous testing for the risk of rollover accidents. The rear-wheel-drive model didn’t perform as well as you’d expect. 

It scored three out of five stars, but when they tried the AWD version, it got four out of five stars. Along with its large amount of safety features, it scored 8.4 out of 10 points from U.S. News. 

Chevy has two of its large SUVs on the list. The Chevy Suburban and the Tahoe. The Suburban got a score of 7.7 out of 10 points, while the Tahoe managed to perform a little bit better with 8.0 out of 10. Both of them received three stars for the rollover crash test. 

The Nissan Armada had an overall rating of four stars. But it scored three stars on the rollover and frontal crash tests. When it came to the side crash tests, though, it earned a score of five stars. 

Is the Toyota Sequoia really the last on the list?


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Well, for the most part, it is. The Toyota Sequoia received a score of 6.8 out of 10. It comes standard with Toyota’s Safety Sense P, which includes vehicle and pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, automatic high beams, and a decent amount of driver assistance features. 

However, it runs neck and neck with the 2020 GMC Yukon, which received a slightly lesser score of 6.7 out of 10. This SUV got five stars for their side crash test, four for the frontal ones, and three stars for the rollover accident tests. It also comes with a decent amount of safety and driver’s assist features. 

As of right now, the major difference between the two is that the Toyota Sequoia hasn’t had complete testing done from the NHTSA. It’s only been evaluated for its rollover risk, which earned it four out of five stars. Since the Yukon did perfect on the side crash tests, and it has a few more optional safety features like the Teen Driver system that’s standard, it falls higher up on the list than the Sequoia. 

When it comes to safety, especially in a family SUV, you want to make sure the one you buy performs the best possible for a large vehicle. In this case, the Toyota Sequoia is the one to overlook, at least as far as safety is concerned.