The 2020 Toyota Camry Is Still a Great Four-Cylinder Car You Shouldn’t Ignore

Four-cylinder vehicles have come a long way from their slower, weaker predecessors. Today, many four-cylinder engines are turbocharged and more than capable of delivering a satisfying drive. The 2020 Toyota Camry is one of the highest-ranked four-cylinder cars out there. The Camry is a reliable, award-winning vehicle, and it just seems to keep getting better every year. 

Why does the 2020 Toyota Camry rank so highly among four-cylinder cars?

The Toyota Camry has always been a favorite in the midsize vehicle class, and its four-cylinder model is no exception. According to Consumer Reports, the 2020 Camry ranks No. 3 out of 12 midsize cars. It received an overall score of 84, and high ratings in the road test, reliability, and owner satisfaction. Above-average fuel economy, excellent handling, and standard safety features are major reasons why the Camry ranks so highly in its class. 

The 2020 Camry boasts an impressive 32 mpg – the same as Toyota’s smaller Corolla. This is due in part to the 203-hp four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed transmission. The interior of the Camry is roomy, comfortable, and quiet. Passengers enjoy a pleasant ride in the Camry as its excellent suspension absorbs most bumps along city roads. 

The Toyota Safety Sense-P is standard on all models now. The safety package features included are forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and lane departure warning with steering assist. 

The Camry continues to improve each year in all common trouble spots, including engine, transmission, drive system, fuel system, and electric system. These constant improvements make the Camry an incredibly reliable and trusted vehicle. 

Did the 2020 Camry win any awards?

U.S. News named the 2020 Toyota Camry the Best Midsize Car For the Money and the Best Midsize Car For Families. The Camry also received an NHTSA five-star overall safety rating, and it was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick. 

The Toyota Camry has been one of the best-selling cars in America for many years. Even in a time when crossovers and SUVs have become incredibly popular, the Camry still sells. Some automakers have started producing fewer sedans due to the increase in demand for SUVs and crossovers. This may make Camry sales increase even more due to the unavailability of other options. 

What’s new in the 2020 Camry?

The 2020 Toyota Camry didn’t see a ton of changes since the whole vehicle was just redesigned for the 2018 model (a sleeker body style was created in an attempt to make the Camry look less boring). Android Auto and SiriusXM satellite radio are now standard on all trims. 

Two new trims were added to the 2020 Camry lineup – the sportier-looking TRD and the black-wheeled SE Nightshade. The TRD is lower to the ground and has wider, lightweight wheels, and a special exhaust system. The aerodynamic body kit gives the TRD’s exterior a speedy look, and the interior is decked out in red. 

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The fuel tanks now have three different sizes – 13 gallons in the hybrid, 14.5 gallons in the L trim, and 16 gallons in the rest. 

Car and Driver says the 2020 Camry is the best one yet. It commends the Camry’s fuel efficiency, plentiful safety features, and spacious interior. The Camry also has plenty of storage space in the roomy trunk (even more if you fold the back seat down). Unfortunately, the Camry still doesn’t beat the 2020 Honda Accord, which Car and Driver believes offers a more enjoyable drive, smoother ride, and more extensive special features.