The 2020 Moke Is An Electric Beach Cruiser Of Your Dreams

If you’ve never heard of the British car manufacturer Moke, you’ve just as likely had never seen one. These spunky and fun little cars are ideal beach cruisers and are popular choices among small beach communities. They aren’t fast, but their open design and electric motor make it a fun, environmentally friendly option for many cruisers.

A Moke beach cruiser

The 2020 Moke America Electic LSV is our topic of the day, and you’ve guessed it, it’s a spectacular beach cruiser. The design of the Moke is somewhat reminiscent of a Jeep Wrangler without the price tag. It has a flat front end, boxy angles and square body that is almost completely bare.

It looks like something you would see in the movie Endless Summer or something about a small surfing town, in a quaint and relaxed way. The cool part? You can buy one for around $10,000.

Of course, if you want added perks and features it’s going to bring up the price, but you can buy a fully optioned Moke for less than $20,000 brand new.

Moke beach cruiser
Moke Beach Cruiser

Like a Jeep, you can ride with the top down and the doors off and has some pretty neat other features. The Moke has a rearview camera, not something you’d expect from such a minimal car. The bars that run over the top of the car form a solid roll cage in the extremely off-chance you are able to flip your Moke over.

And it’s electric

The 2020 Moke American LSV is completely electric. It has a 60V three-phase AC motor under its hood, which isn’t really fast at all. In fact, it only produces about 7.5kW of horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque, which is as underwhelming as it sounds. But, for a beach cruiser, you don’t expect it to be traveling down the highway anytime soon.

This four-seater was truly designed to be as relaxed as a casual beach day, and you’ll enjoy the slow, steady front-wheel drive as you make your way down the coast. It isn’t fast to drive, and it also isn’t fast to charge. The Moke has a range of 40 miles, which really isn’t that far, but again, you can’t really take these on the highway so you probably aren’t planning on going far anyway.

Moke Beach Cruiser
Moke Beach Cruiser

The Moke electric battery has a 12kw capacity and takes as long as 8 hours to drive, making us miss the fast charging capabilities of some more practical daily drivers like a Tesla.

It isn’t practical and it isn’t a great option for a daily driver, well, maybe if you worked as a beach lifeguard. But, the Moke is a very fun looking beach cruiser that has such a small cost you could justify buying one just to feel like you’re in a movie while you drive down the coast.