The 2020 Mini Electric Isn’t the Best City Car

The iconic Mini Cooper just went electric. Rather than shouting it from the hillside like outlandish futuristic electric models, the Mini E remains true to itself. This handy electric urban car drives the city streets disguised as a regular Mini. Not veering far from its roots, the electric Mini sports the same athletic handle and classic body style, much to the joy of Mini fans everywhere.

The 2020 Mini Electric

The World Car Awards just announced the 2020 winners. The 2020 Mini E was a finalist for the World Urban Car of the Year award. Just what about this sharp electric mini held it back from taking the top spot from the Kia Soul Electric?

It’s obviously a great city driver –– it was among the top 3 in the running for the Urban Car award. But, in the end the 2020 Mini Electric was not the best city car. Here’s why.

An overview of the 2020 Mini Electric

Born and bred in the UK, the mini E is produced in the same factory as the first Minis ever. On a normal day of production, the Cowley factory in Oxfordshire rolls out a new mini every 67 seconds. Both electric and regular minis are made here in the same line of production to boost the ease and efficiency of meeting public demands.

Comparable to the way the Volkswagen Golf has the Golf E electric version of itself, the Mini E is a classic Mini. The only real difference between the Mini E and the regular Mini is electrification.

It’s agile and boasts decent cargo for its size

The Mini Electric is a zippy little city car with agility and immediate acceleration. It maneuvers with ease due to its 50/50 weight distribution enabled by the light electric motor. Situated on a capable chassis, the Mini E is quick and playful. It even boasts a decent cargo for its size.

Here in the US, the 2020 Mini Electric is available for just under 30 grand. It’s everything a Mini lover looking to upgrade to electric could ever want. But it fell short in competition with the Kia Soul Electric in the World Car Awards.

The Mini Electric is up there, but it’s not the best

a range on the low end

While the Mini E offers an exhilarating drive, keeping tune with the Mini brand, it falls short in a few key areas. The Mini E has a range that leaves much to be desired. Compare the Mini Electric’s 110 mile range with the Kia Soul Electric’s 243 miles to a charge, and it becomes clear where the Mini Electric falters.

The 181 horsepower Mini Electric isn’t as efficient as it could be. Though it accelerates with ease, the power drains the battery. The quiet interior experience and great road holding come with a big sacrifice on charge range.

2020 Mini Electric

As a city car, the Mini Electric holds its own well enough to rise to the top. Well, almost. Although it beat out others like the Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, Hyundai Venue, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, and Renault Zoe, it couldn’t beat the Kia Urban Car of the Year winner.

Though the electric Mini handles city streets with little effort, it craves tree-lined backroads for a chance to show off that it’s still an exhilarating drive.