The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Needs to Be Talked About

The Lincoln Aviator is all-new and it’s part of an obvious effort to put Lincoln back on people’s radar in terms of the luxury market. It’s big sibling the Lincoln Navigator is well-known from the past and has now been redesigned as well. The Aviator borrows some style and tech features from the larger SUV in the Lincoln lineup, but brings its own personality into the mix. The 2020 Lincoln Aviator isn’t exactly on billboards everywhere, but it needs to be talked about.

The all-new Lincoln Aviator

This mid-size SUV is built on a Ford Explorer frame, but it pretty much stops short right there in terms of strong similarities with its Ford counterpart. The 2020 Aviator is a model of sophistication that makes a statement for American luxury. Car and Driver calls the new Lincoln Aviator “convincingly upscale thanks to its unique sheetmetal and interior, sophisticated chassis hardware, and lively standard engine.”

This mid-size SUV offers plenty of power, comfort amenities, and modern technology. MotorTrend sung its praises as well, noting that its power reigns supreme over competitors from Mercedes and Cadillac. Except the Aviator achieves this without sacrificing on fuel economy. The 400 horsepower, 415 pound-foot 3.0-liter V6 is husky enough that MotorTrend en Español managing editor Miguel Cortina says, “it’s hard to remember that this is the base engine.”

The emerging 2020 Lincoln Aviator borrows its name from a predecessor that was only in production for two years. That Aviator was ultimately replaced by the MKX crossover. Now, this new Aviator hit the scene with three rows and upscale features that compete with some of the best. Its cockpit cradles front seat passengers with seats that provide maximum comfort.

Additionally, this luxury SUV goes above and beyond with plush extras such as back massagers and modern climate control. This is a welcome addition for the next Thanksgiving road trip. Also, evening commutes home after a day spent at the office bent over a computer screen just got a lot more codling .


The 2020 Lincoln Aviator’s pricing is well-aligned with luxury rivals in its class. It will definitely run you higher than something like the Ford Explorer or the Ford Edge. But that is because the standard features on the Lincoln Aviator blow those two SUVs out of the water –– as is to be expected from the luxury segment.

The price for a brand new Lincoln Aviator begins with the base model which is offered from $52,195. This model includes a rear wheel drivetrain powered by the V6. Trim upgrades include the Grand Touring starting at $69,895, according to Car and Driver. This model Aviator runs powered by the hybrid motor technology which generates 494 horsepower.

Are all the upgrades worth it?

While the power looks great on paper, both MotorTrend and Car and Driver agree that this engine is a bit awkward at times, especially in certain drive modes. There are other trim options, like the Reserve trim offered from $52,195. This one offers loads of standard features. AWD is a $2,510 upgrade but things like a 360-degree camera system, and a 14-speaker sound system, and intelligent climate control are part of the package.

The redesigned Lincoln Aviator

The most expensive trim option starts at $88,895. This model uses the plug-in hybrid technology and offers the largest list of standard features. The Reserve trim, however, boasts plenty enough standard amenities to rise above as a luxury vehicle at a more competitive price.

The Aviator needs to be talked about

The Aviator competes well with other luxury brands, but it stands out because it has American roots. It’s a patriotic alternative to something like the Audi Q7 and it holds its ground. If you don’t need the beefcake towing capacity of something like the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a great option. It’s not getting a whole lot of attention and we are wondering why. It needs to be on more people’s radar.