The 2020 Lexus UX Offers Surprisingly Affordable Luxury

SUVs have quickly become the popular family vehicle of choice. They are spacious, practical, and some of them even offer a good dose of luxury. Like any other new car, buying a brand new SUV can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable. There are a lot of options for getting a standard sedan or SUV, but there are also a handful of options for getting an affordable luxury SUV, and the Lexus UX makes the top of the list. The Lexus UX isn’t just competitively priced among luxury SUV choices, it’s well-priced among standard SUVs, making it a surprisingly affordable option for a new vehicle.

A top-rated SUV

You can buy a brand new Lexus UX for a starting price of $32,300, making it just as competitively priced as some new Ford and Nissan SUVs. As a sportier luxury car, the Lexus UX doesn’t sacrifice much. It’s aggressive and modern styling is featured inside and out, and it offers a sporty yet comfortable driving experience. Most people skip the test drive because they assume a vehicle of this caliber is out of their price range, but they are priced as low as many other SUVs that offer much less.

Lexus UX seen at the New York International Auto Show
The Lexus UX | Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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The Lexus UX is a bargain for a reliable and modern SUV. The stretched grille is iconically Lexus, and it’s framed by two sharp headlights that are accentuated by beautifully styled daytime running lights. A sloping roofline gives the car its new profile while sculpting body lines makes the UX stand out from the crowd. Paired with various choices of wheels, the side of the car looks just as striking as the front fascia.

A sporty drive with good fuel economy

As you settle into the driver seat for a test drive, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality interior and details that surround the cabin. Hitting the road, you’ll discover that even for an SUV, the Lexus UX handles the way with precision and comfort. You’ll enjoy your time driving the UX, but you will also appreciate its standard safety features that enhance your experience.

Lexus UX
Lexus UX | Lexus UX

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And, of course, for a sportier SUV, you’d probably expect to be getting pretty abysmal gas mileage. That isn’t the case for the Lexus UX — it offers an average of 37mpg and 42mpg on the highway. It’s also offered as a hybrid for even better fuel economy. Combined with a comfortable and quiet cabin, the Lexus UX seems to have it all for a price that most consumers can afford.