The 2020 Kia Telluride Does Have a Design Flaw, but It Isn’t a Dealbreaker

One of the newest three-row SUVs rolling off the production line is the Kia Telluride. Following in the footsteps of the other Kia greats, this vehicle is fast becoming one of the best three-row SUVs out there. 

However, since it’s still new, many people are hesitant to buy one until they see whether or not it will stand up to rigorous testing. AutoTrader reviewers put one to the test and found a design flaw with it, but was it one that would seal the deal or seal its fate?

What problem did a reviewer have with the Kia Telluride?

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The reviewer who mentioned the issue has young kids who sit in the back seats of the SUV. One of their children uses a booster seat, which has the seat belt that crosses over the lap and shoulder and then clips into a receptacle that sits in the vehicle’s seat. Most vehicles are set up just like it, but with the Telluride, it’s a bit more challenging to latch the seat belt in. 

The receptacle you click the seat belt into that holds it in place doesn’t come out far enough for the child to buckle their own belt. There’s also not much room to maneuver it from where the child sits to snap in the safety belt. A small child has a hard enough time taking care of the seat belt, so it makes it that much harder for them when they can’t access the receptacle easily enough. 

What features did they find useful during their time with the SUV?

Each reviewer found something useful while they tried out the Telluride SUV. One reviewer took a long trip with the vehicle and got to know the SUV’s driver assistance features that it has. They liked the Smart Cruise Control, which is the Kia version of adaptive cruise control. This was useful on the drive because it automatically detects how close vehicles are around you and will keep a proper distance away from them. 

Other useful features include the rain-sensing wipers that will turn on automatically when it detects raindrops falling on the windshield. Lane-keeping assistance also came in handy while traveling the long hours to pick up their relative. 

Another reviewer found the infotainment system to be easy to use. They could connect their phone within a minute to the car’s computer system with no problems. The screen was large enough to see all options clearly. Even the steering wheel controls were simple to use and easy to find without distracting from the drive. 

A huge plus for the Kia Telluride, one reviewer noted, was the amount of space inside the SUV. With both the second and third-row seats folded down, you would have a whopping 87 cubic feet of storage area to work with. They could haul a large pilates machine in the back. 

Other reviewers also liked the interior space. One, in particular, found their Kia to be a nice quiet haven to escape to when they needed to get away from all the noise their family was making. By sitting in the last row and folding down the second-row seat in front of you, you have the perfect office area for your laptop to work. 

Overall, is the Kia Telluride a good three-row SUV?

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While the seat belt receptacle problem is definitely challenging, it isn’t really a deal-breaker when choosing whether or not to purchase the Kia Telluride. In fact, this Kia has so many pluses under its belt, so to speak, that the receptacle issue is a mere design flaw that you can easily overlook. 

With the roomy interior space, just the right combination of driver assistance features, and easy-to-use infotainment system, the Telluride is the perfect three-row SUV. But those aren’t the only features that reviewers liked. 

Kia has an impressive track record when it comes to making great cars. It produced the Sorento, Sedona, Stinger, and even the Optima – all of which people loved. Kia hasn’t had a large SUV in their lineup until the Kia Telluride came along. 

For around $31,000 you can purchase the bare-minimum base model. If you want the features the AutoTrader’s reviewers had with their tester vehicle, you can expect to pay around $47,000. They chose the SX trim with a few packages that included AWD, heated and ventilated leather seats, a head-up display, and a premium roof liner. 

The Kia Telluride is fast becoming the best three-row SUV on the market when it comes to luxury family vehicles. Even though there’s one annoying problem with the design of a seat belt receptacle, it isn’t considered a major issue that would cost you thousands to fix down the road.