The 2020 Kia Soul is a Great Choice For An Affordable Daily

For a while, many drivers didn’t know what to think of the Kia brand. For most of us we remember the original hamster-based commercial for the Kia Soul, and probably had mixed opinions of it. Boxy like an SUV, this compact sedan has a unique style all of its own. The Kia Soul has changed a lot over the years, becoming a better and better car each generation, but it maintains its iconic boxy body lines and affordable cost.

An underrated choice

You probably wouldn’t look twice at a Kia Soul as it drives by, but owners won’t stop bragging about them. The 2020 model year is the most aggressive version of the Kia Soul yet. You might not have been impressed by the appearances of previous years, the 2020 might make you do a double take. But, when it comes to a daily driver, you might not care as much about appearances as other factors, and the Kia Soul has it all.

Kia Soul GT-Line parked in the desert
Kia Soul GT-Line | Kia

Picking out a daily driver can be stressful for many people. We don’t always think about how much time we spend in our cars, and there are a lot of things that we take for granted until we don’t have it. One important factor that many people consider when buying a new commuter car is fuel economy. The Soul reportedly gets responsible gas mileage, with an average of 35mpg on the highway and around 28mpg in the city.

The Kia Soul is still affordable

The starting price for the Kia Soul might surprise you, because you can buy one brand new for around $18,000 or even less if you are looking to buy one this Labor Day Weekend. Part of what makes a daily driver a good option is that they are affordable to buy, affordable to maintain, and affordable to drive. With the Soul, you aren’t going to be concerned with racking up hundreds of miles on the car, and you can be confident in the car’s reliability.

The 2017 model year also marks the first time Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were available on the Soul
Soul interior | Kia

Touches of luxury

From the outside the Kia Soul might not look like much, and from the inside you might not be impressed at first glance. The modest interior is surprisingly spacious, giving you enough room to stretch out when you’re stuck in traffic or to pack in cargo from most errands. The Soul is also offered with more advanced safety features and technology that will only enhance your commute, especially before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee.


The 2020 Kia Soul Is Trying Really Hard to Look Like Luxury

Part of what makes the Kia Soul so appealing is the car’s affordability, but it isn’t like a lot of the lower priced cars that you can find on the market. With all of the important safety tech you’re looking for, comfortable seats, and a spacious interior, this compact sedan might be one of the best options for your daily driver. Whether you live in a major city and want something that can navigate heavy traffic, or having good fuel economy is important to you, this surprisingly spacious sedan is a choice worth test driving.