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Kia is getting a lot of recognition lately over how great its cars are. Not only that, but Kia owners don’t tend to regret their choice and will love their cars for years to come. That said, not all Kias are getting that kind of praise. Here’s a look at the 2020 Kia Sedona and how it may disappoint its customers.

What’s great about the Kia Sedona

While the minivan segment isn’t doing too well, the Sedona is somewhat different from its competitors. This is a great way to separate itself from the pack, but, it may actually be its downfall. In any case, the Sedona, like other minivans, has a lot to offer its customers.

As Consumer Reports said, the Sedona’s interior is what puts it above its competition. Its engine, which is a 3.3-liter V6 that gets 276-hp, is decent but largely unremarkable.

The Sedona’s interior, on the other hand, is not only spacious but it’s also well-equipped and stylish, too. Like Consumer Reports said, most minivans, even in their premium trims, still look kind of basic. The Sedona’s interior, however, looks very fancy for its class.

Consumer Reports said that “the Sedona’s interior really catches your eye” due to how it’s designed. Additionally, the Sedona’s interior has plenty of compartments and neat features that parents will love. The seats are spacious, comfortable, and supportive, and the Sedona can seat up to eight people, too. 

The standard Sedona gets a small 4.3-inch touch screen, but Consumer Reports says that the infotainment features on the Sedona were very easy to use. The Sedona also scored very well in its crash tests. On top of that, the Sedona gets up to 142 cu. ft. of cargo space when configured properly.

The Kia Sedona’s big flaw

Despite seeming like a great minivan, the Sedona has one big flaw that makes it worse than its competitors. As Consumer Reports said, the Sedona’s ride quality was just not good.

In its road test of the Sedona, Consumer Reports said that the Sedona’s ride was stiff and that, when driving over bumps, the Sedona will be very uncomfortable for its passengers.

Stereotype or not, many people who will buy the Sedona or other minivans either have a family or expect to have one. As a result, this terrible ride quality is not something many of those customers will want from their minivan.

That’s why, ultimately, Consumer Reports said that the Sedona is better as a “mobile lounge” than an actual minivan. The Sedona has a luxurious interior, but it loses its appeal due to how uncomfortable actually sitting inside a moving Sedona is. 

Other flaws that the Kia Sedona has

Consumer Reports also talked about two other significant flaws that the Sedona had. The first one had to do with its handling. While the Sedona’s engine was decent, its handling, especially in emergency situations, wasn’t great. As a result, the Sedona may also give its driver a poor driving experience.

The other major flaw that the Sedona had was its cost. The standard Sedona isn’t unaffordable by any means, as Consumer Reports said that it starts at about $28,000. However, the Sedona offers a lot of options. Options aren’t a bad thing, as they give customers a chance to equip their car with what they want. 

That said, two options, in particular, will force you to spend a lot more than usual. Many options are only available on the most expensive Sedona trim, the SX trim, which costs about $42,000. Some of those upgrades that are only available on the SX trim, according to Consumer Reports, include a navigation system and a sunroof.