The 2020 Honda Odyssey Already Has Concerning Electrical Problems

Honda has a reputation for designing and manufacturing reliable vehicles that maintain their value well for many years. Unfortunately, Honda has not quite lived up to those standards with the 2020 Honda Odyssey. This minivan, touted as a fantastic option for families, has seen major electrical issues recently that can put drivers and passengers in harm’s way. Let’s take a look at what the electrical problems are within the Honda Odyssey, and what Honda is doing to remedy them. 

The 2020 Honda Odyssey’s infotainment system problems

Drivers on describe cracking or popping sounds that come from the infotainment center and speakers, causing confusion and distractions while driving. Some drivers state that these sounds are so loud, they sound like rocks hitting the windshield.

Aside from the annoying and distracting popping sounds, the infotainment system sometimes fails to display anything other than a blank screen. One reviewer also remarked that the screen randomly turns black while parked or in motion, interfering with Bluetooth calls and the use of the back up camera. Back up cameras have become imperative for vehicle safety, especially in larger vehicles like minivans that make it difficult to see what is behind the vehicle while in reverse. 

Many owners voice frustration at the fact that they have taken their 2020 Honda Odyssey into the dealership to get their infotainment system fixed, but nothing seems to improve. A faulty infotainment system may seem like a benign complaint, but owners pay a hefty price tag to purchase a van that has a reputation for being safe and reliable. The basic infotainment features are now standard in most minivans, and these widespread issues can ultimately lead to safety problems. 

Honda has issued two separate recalls for backup cam distortions or delayed responses, and they stated that they will notify owners when software updates are available. 

The recall for power sliding doors

Another very concerning electrical issue for this van is the fact that the power sliding doors may fail to latch, resulting in them flying open while the vehicle is in motion. For anyone taking passengers in their Honda Odyssey, this raises alarm, but this problem is especially glaring for parents of young children who may sit in the back seat.

In July of 2020, Honda announced recalls on some Honda Odysseys from 2018-2020 for this very issue. Over 320,000 individual vans were affected by this recall. The recall claims that water may get into the door handle cables, and then freeze in cold temperatures. This results in a failure of the front and rear doors from fully latching and staying put. In September of 2020, Honda vowed to notify owners and replace the sliding door outer cables for free. 

An overview of the 2020 Honda Odyssey


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Putting these issues aside, the 2020 Honda Odyssey is an overall excellent choice for a minivan. It comes equipped with an exterior that most minivan skeptics would admit looks stylish, a comfortable and roomy interior, and a decently powerful engine. U.S. News deemed it the best minivan for families in 2020. The reviewers at U.S. News praised the 2020 Honda Odyssey’s intuitive infotainment system and superior safety features

Normally when vehicles experience electrical issues like faulty infotainment systems or errors with their power sliding doors, they occur after years of owning the vehicle. These electrical problems raise concern because the 2018-2020 Honda Odyssey was not released that long ago. One reviewer on Car Complaints even stated that their infotainment systems went caput after just 20 days of owning their vehicle. 

These problems have made many question whether Honda can still be relied upon to make reliable and safe vehicles, or whether its standards have slipped over the years. It will certainly be interesting to see how Honda handles these and other issues moving forward as it tries to repair and maintain its reputation.