The 2020 Honda Fit Predictably Topped This List

Hatchbacks are great for drivers who want the sleek sedan body with a more functional cargo area. The Honda Fit hatchback is one of Honda’s cheapest and most recognizable models. Its versatile cargo hold even earned it the top spot on MotorTrend’s Best Hatchbacks of 2020 list.

This is just one of the Honda Fit’s many awards since its debut. The Fit was ranked several places ahead of its Civic sibling as well as rivals like the Chevy Sonic. What makes the Fit hatchback so good?

An efficient powertrain

The Honda Fit’s only engine is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder capable of up to 130 hp. It can be paired with either a CVT or a six-speed manual transmission. While acceleration is surprisingly decent, the engine can produce a lot of noise at higher speeds. Consumer Reports also experienced a lot of exterior noise inside the Honda Fit, even during leisurely drives. 

For this reason, it’s a car better suited for city dwellers. Another reason the Fit is a good commuter car is its excellent gas mileage. Models with the six-speed manual transmission average up to 36 mpg combined city/highway. Engines with the CVT only make 31 mpg combined, but some critics think the CVT enhances its speed.

A smooth driving experience

The Honda Fit’s handling is very responsive, allowing drivers to zip around city streets with confidence. Edmunds also found that the Fit could accelerate faster on the highway than many of its rivals. However, MotorTrend did point out that the brake pedals feel too squishy.

The ride is also smooth thanks to the Fit’s fine-tuned suspension. Most large bumps are evened out, which is a rarity for a car this size. The Honda Fit’s large front windshield and skinny roof pillars provide excellent visibility for drivers.

Impeccable storage capacity

The Honda Fit comes standard with Honda’s Magic Seat, allowing drivers to fold the second row completely flat with one button press. This provides up to 53 cubic feet of storage space, more than most of the Fit’s competition. The seat bottoms can also be folded upwards to accommodate larger items along the floor. Additionally, the front passenger seat can be neatly folded.

The loading floor has a concealable tray for storing even more cargo. There are a few useful storage compartments in the cabin plus an additional cup holder on the left side of the steering wheel. The Fit is also surprisingly spacious for a small car, particularly when it comes to backseat legroom. 

The Honda Fit is better than the competition

Like the Honda Fit, the Kia Rio comes with a thrifty price tag and a comfortable ride quality. However, its second row is way too small to accommodate adults for extended periods of time. 

The Chevy Spark is the most affordable hatchback on MotorTrend’s list, but the interior is cheap, and the seats are uncomfortable. Its luggage capacity is also lower than average, only a maximum of 27 cubic feet.

The future of the Honda Fit

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The Honda Fit recently got a redesign for 2021, but you won’t be able to drive it stateside. Last summer, Honda announced that it was pulling the Fit from U.S. markets to focus on producing more HR-V SUVs. According to TorqueNews, the Honda HR-V’s sales grew over 50 percent compared to last year.

While some will definitely mourn the Fit’s departure, its good reliability makes it an excellent used car. A used Honda Fit will be at least a few thousand dollars cheaper, making it even more attainable. While many hatchbacks offer innovative storage solutions, there are none that do it as well as the Honda Fit.