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The Honda CR-V has a stellar reputation for being a reliable vehicle. Well, all Honda vehicles do, truth be told. Honda simply knows how to design and manufacture some truly spectacular vehicles.

That being said, no vehicle is perfect. The 2020 Honda CR-V is already showing some major problems. A few owners have gone to to report some issues they have experienced. So, should other consumers be wary when buying the 2020 Honda CR-V?

The 2020 Honda CR-V appears to have some issues

Even though Honda is a Japanese automaker, the CR-V is made in America. It’s been one of the top-selling SUVs for many years, and has developed a bit of a reputation for being one of the coolest vehicles on the market. The 2020 model has many of the features that have made previous models so popular, and improved on that.

It’s hard not to like an SUV that is affordable, loaded with tech, roomy, and has great fuel economy. There are a few issues plaguing the 2020 model, however. 

Even though it’s a fairly new vehicle, the 2020 Honda CR-V is already starting to rack up some major problems. While these problems are few and far between, some are too serious to be overlooked even though everything else seems fine.

Why won’t my Honda CR-V start?

Considering a vehicle is designed to get us from one place to another, a vehicle that won’t start is a very major problem. Three owners reported to that their vehicle wouldn’t start when cranked, and the affected vehicles only have 500 miles on them.

Considering that’s practically brand new, it makes one wonder what problems the 2020 Honda CR-V will have when it has 100,000 miles on it.

One driver reported that the salesman had to jump-start the vehicle before she could take it for a test drive, and he played it off as if the battery was dead because it had been sitting on the lot. Her CR-V still fails to start, however, and even though the battery was replaced, the CR-V is still having issues. 

It’s not getting chilly in here

Automakers who decided to make air conditioning and heating optional often found themselves with a lot full of unsold vehicles. That’s because drivers have become rather fond of being able to control the temperature, and dislike it when the air conditioner doesn’t work.

Unfortunately for one 2020 CR-V owner, their car has an air conditioner with a mind of its own. No matter what temperature the driver sets it to, the air conditioner blows out a different temp.

While this might not be an issue in milder weather, when it comes to extremely hot weather, finding you’re forced to suffer with the lowest temp is no fun for anyone. Thankfully this problem doesn’t appear to be wide-spread.

Driving the 2020 Honda CR-V is like sitting in a bad massage chair for 1 owner

While the Honda CR-V is fairly reliable, one owner reports that he found himself in for a rough ride in his 2020 model. One day while driving down the road, the vehicle began to vibrate.

It was so severe that he reported, “Car vibrating noticeably through steering wheel, doors, seats, floor and gear stick. Mechanic made notations on service record stating and he concurs with my observations. Driving car is making me and my wife nauseous to the extent we can’t drive it.”

He contacted his local Honda dealership, and while the mechanic admitted there was indeed a problem, Honda refused to do anything. They reportedly told him to fix it himself because it wasn’t covered under warranty.

Car Complaints gave this problem a severity rating of ‘Really Awful’ and listed it as an engine problem. The owner wasn’t able to find a solution.

Putting these complaints into context

Although these complaints are all pretty serious in nature, it is important to put them into context. The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular cars in the country, so when you figure the amount of 2020 CR-Vs on the road to the amount of complaints against the car so far, it’s clear a vast majority of owners haven’t had major problems yet.

It is also important to note that these complaints are coming directly from consumers who might not be experts in cars. Respected critics, like Consumer Reports, have given the 2020 Honda CR-V excellent reliability ratings.

These consumer complaints appear to be the exception, rather than the rule. Still, given the serious nature of these complaints, it is a good idea to monitor them going forward to see if any other owners report the same issues.


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